Is this going to be THE toy kids beg their parents for this Christmas?

The new Hatchimals release for Christmas 2018 - HatchiBabies.
The new Hatchimals release for Christmas 2018 - HatchiBabies. Photo: Spinmaster

From the outside, the latest Hatchimals toy might look just like previous versions. It's what's inside that counts, however, with some enticing and critical differences that kids will go crazy for.

HatchiBabies look set to top cult toy wishlists everywhere for Christmas 2018, with the latest incarnation of cute fluffy toy providing a gender surprise upon hatching, and the added cute factor of the toy forever remaining a baby.

Up until now, Hatchimals have required owners to nurture it through babyhood, toddlerhood and through to adulthood. 

We don't yet know exactly what they will look like but we do know their names, though there's not much indication which models Australia will receive.

They're Ponette, Cheetree, Chipadee, Monkiwi and Koalabee.

We're guessing they translate to pony, cheetah, chipmunk, monkey and koala.


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HatchiBabies will arrive in a larger egg this year - you can see the size comparison above. They will also wiggle inside their egg, which is a new feature.

Mighty Ape has the Ponette and Cheetree versions for $119.99, with pre-orders available now and shipping starting on October 5. Get in quick! 

We'd love to see the company market these toys to boys too - who also love to nurture.