Just an average guy: meet the 'Normal Ken' doll

Combating damaging stereotypes, Normal Ken's crowdfunding campaign is now 21% backed.
Combating damaging stereotypes, Normal Ken's crowdfunding campaign is now 21% backed. 

We all know that dad; they seem to have a finger in every pie. They surf, skateboard, ski and run a fabulously creative business of their own making. 

Perhaps he's a surgeon, lawyer or runs a charity that saves lives. They're super people to us average Joe Blows, who might be trudging on in an average job that pays the bills, living in an ordinary home and doing usual weekend activities like cooking and mowing the lawn.

And who's to say we shouldn't aspire to be ordinary? After all, what makes us each extraordinary isn't necessarily what we do for a living, a washboard stomach, thousands of dollars worth of extreme sports equipment or the bricks and mortar we live within.

From the same team who brought the realistic 'Normal Barbie' Lammily Doll into production a few years ago, comes another crowdfunding campaign for 'Normal Ken'.

For sure, they make a nice couple and don't conform to unrealistic standards of beauty and body type. They're just like you and me.

Photo: Lammily

With the tagline 'Real is beautiful' Normal Ken is the 'world's first realistically-proportioned male doll.'

Creator Nickolay Lamm talks about the ideas behind the doll in his launch video:


'He may not have a six-pack, but he has an awesome sense of humour.

He may not have the biggest biceps, but he has a big heart.

He may not have model good looks but he values himself and others for who they truly are.'

Males also feel pressure to live up to impossible standards and Normal Ken aims to redress the issues boys face in terms of body image and emphasis on physical attributes over personal ones.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Lamm says, "I feel men also feel pressure in the form of not being tall, not having enough hair, not having enough muscle, etc." 

Photo: Lammily

The male Lammily doll - which currently just a prototype - will have average proportions of a 19-24 year old US man and will be marketed as being comfortable with demonstrating emotion, unlike the exclusively hyper-masculine dolls found on shelves currently.

Lamm says he wasn't free of the pressure to conform to body ideals; not being particularly tall, he then lost weight and tried to cultivate a six pack, something he wishes he hadn't wasted so much energy thinking about as a young person.

"I hope that, playing with realistically proportioned dolls, kids may have a better chance to grow up with realistic expectations about their own appearances."

After releasing the female line of dolls, then launching accessories such a tattoos, sanitary products and pimple stickers, Lamm soon had requests for a male equivalent.

You can back the crowdfunding campaign with as little as US$1, with a doll costing US$25 plus shipping. They will ship internationally too.

At the time of writing, the campaign was 21 per cent backed with 30 days to go. Let's hope male Lammily doll becomes a reality.