LEGO releases sets for stressed-out adults

LEGO releases set for stressed-out adults
LEGO releases set for stressed-out adults Photo: Indiegogo

It's time to pack away those adult colouring books because there's a new product vying for your inner-child.

Brick giant LEGO has turned its attention to stressed-out, screen-addicted adults with a new set they hope will help grown-ups relax - and rediscover a love of play. Introducing LEGO FORMA -  a pilot project launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

There are four fish models on offer, which move in a "life-like way". One even takes inspiration from the adult colouring craze, with builders able to colour in one of the designs.

The sets are being marketed as a more "premium" LEGO experience, "a creative project for adults allowing for a few hours of off-screen me-time."

But why is the Danish toy company using a crowdfunding site for their new idea? According to LEGO, it's a strategy they say will result in a more "transparent" approach to product development - and reach a wider selection of people.

"The strong relationship we have with our adult fans provides crucial insight into what our older audience is looking for in more traditional LEGO products and experiences," LEGO said in a statement. "But when it comes to new innovations that are a bit different to our standard concepts and products, we believe we can learn a lot from taking our idea to a broader early adopter audience." 

As well as being a way to rediscover play, and tap into your creative side, the company argues that the final product is also an ice-breaker. "After the project is done, it can be used as a display item for your work desk or at home, or you can take it apart and rebuild," they say. "The model serves as a fun conversation starter with colleagues and house guests."

The pilot comes after LEGO released its "Play Well Report", a survey of almost 13,000 people, which examined the relationship between wellbeing and play. The report highlighted that:

  • 91 per cent of adults said play is good for their own wellbeing
  • 86 per cent of adults said play helps them feel more relaxed
  • 76 per cent of adults said they prefer construction toys such as LEGO to other forms of play

That said, you'd be forgiven for wondering why LEGO felt the need to create a particular set for adults, given the toy is already popular with people of all ages. According to LEGO FORMA, however, the sets are designed to appeal to more "casual" LEGO builders who are less experienced than their usual, more hardcore, Adult Fans of Lego or AFOLs - like David Beckham.  The father-of-four previously told The Cut that he finds building LEGO "therapeutic" - even this 4,000 piece castle.

"Making Legos, for me, actually calms me down," Beckham said. "It is just something I enjoy. I have done it for years."


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"LEGO FORMA is more of a creative project than a toy, and more about display than play," says Kari Vinther, Senior Marketing Manager and Head of Creative Play Lab Pilots. "The young adults we speak to tell us they still feel the urge to be creative and enjoy the physical experience of making stuff – but life seems to get in the way. We want to help them rediscover the joy of building that children possess and unleash their imaginations for a couple of hours."

While it remains to be seen whether the sets will hit shelves, the INDIEGOGO campaign is now complete,with the project entering its production stage.

But not everyone is a fan. "It's supposed to be an innovative idea to encourage adults to play and relax with Lego," one commenter wrote on Instagram. "Like, duh! What do they think we are doing, burning it?"

"Not feeling it. I'm sure it's cool how the technic parts work and make the fish move but this doesn't feel like LEGO to me," said another,

 While it might not be everyone's idea of AWESOME, judging by the initial response, these LEGO sets may well be the next adult colouring-book craze. 


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