Little boy solves battery shortage in a funny way

 Photo: Shutterstock

Do you ever try that "I can't find the batteries" line on your kids? I usually do it for all the irritatingly noisy toys, but Heather Leroux, from Sydney, recently told her three-year-old son Leo she couldn't find the batteries because the back of the toy in question was missing, so there was nothing to secure them and she wanted to keep him safe.

Great mumming, right?

Absolutely! But what that doesn't take into account is the determination of a three-year-old who really REALLY wants to play with that toy.

"While I was cooking, he took it upon himself to go through my gym bag, empty my makeup bag, and play with my foundation," Heather told The Sun.

"All of a sudden he screams and says, 'Mummy look I found the batteries!'"

What Heather saw next made her laugh. "My son just found the 'batteries' in my makeup bag," she said in her Facebook post accompanying a picture of two tampons fitting exactly into the battery spot.

Heather said she stifled her laughter to tell Leo that what he had found weren't going to make his car work.

"I told him how clever he was, although they weren't going to make the car turn on," she told the Daily Mail.

Not bad problem solving for a three-year-old though, eh? I'm predicting a fruitful future in engineering.