Make your own fidget spinners at home

These Lego DIY fidget spinners are just some of the DIY options available.
These Lego DIY fidget spinners are just some of the DIY options available.  Photo: Instagram/brooke_aka_bmack

If you're the parent of a school-aged child, chances are you'll know that fidget spinners are the latest must-have toy, popping up in playgrounds and classrooms around the country. While they've been credited with helping children with special needs to concentrate, anecdotally at least, their recent mainstream appeal means they're increasingly tricky to track down.

But never fear - if your little one is bugging you for a fidget spinner and you can't find one anywhere, these DIY examples might just save the day.

We love these clever Lego examples - something most of us have (literally) lying around the house. This tutorial, featuring five different Lego fidget spinners, has been viewed a whopping 1.1 million times. Show this to your kids then get them thinking creatively to come up with their own versions. 

Here's one more Lego example, with step-by-step instructions:

This sparkly version uses common household items including bottle tops, coins, toothpicks and glue - with a touch of glitter. It looks pretty impressive when you take it for a spin - see what we did there?

And here's one using a skateboard:


This fidget spinner has no bearings and is made of cardboard. Better yet - it's one of the easiest ones out there.

This popular tutorial shows you how to make a fidget spinner primarily out of popsicle sticks: 

YouTube is just the beginning, however. Search #diyfidgetspinners on Instagram for more DIY examples. Happy spinning!


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