Merino Kids: we road test stunning new collection for a/w 2016

Merino Kids' a/w 2016 range includes sleep bags for kids up to age 4, plus pyjamas up to a size 9-10.
Merino Kids' a/w 2016 range includes sleep bags for kids up to age 4, plus pyjamas up to a size 9-10. 

Autumn is here after a long, hot summer and it's time to get the kids' sleeping options sorted.

Enhance their sleeping comfort by opting for wool; Merino Kids has just released its stunning autumn/winter collection for 2016, with lots for kids all the way up to age 10.

Merino Kids Leggings and hoodie

We got to road test some Merino Kids new season products, including the Go Go bag as well as a set of pyjamas.

My eldest and youngest sons couldn't wait to try out their new sleep gear (below). I didn't tell my eldest his new pyjamas were merino wool, he just pulled them on and said they were comfy and cosy and snuggled in to read his baby brother a book.

My youngest is wearing the new standard weight Go Go Bag in blue/grey stripe. This was on a summer night of about 22 degrees and I checked on him several times that evening as he slept, to find he was a very comfortable temperature and not at all sweaty and restless. The fine merino wool and organic cotton of the sleep bag keeps them warm in winter and cool in the heat.

I was relieved not to have to resort to synthetic jumpsuits for my three-year-old this year. He gets eczema and his skin tends to react to synthetic fabrics and there's no way he will keep covers on in the night.

Sleep bags made of natural fibres are still the perfect solution for him, even though he's getting bigger.


Many sleep bags only go up to the size of an average 36-monther which is really inconvenient for those with very large toddlers and those whose children can't keep covers on at night. Many then opt for synthetic fleece to keep kids warm at night, even though they would rather natural fibres.

The Merino Kids Go Go bag is available in a size 2-4 (and NB-2) with the standard weight designed for room temperatures between 18 and 27°C. For those who look for the TOG rating, it's 0.7 to 1.7 which is perfect for summer, spring and autumn. You simply adjust the clothing layers underneath for a warmer effect.

As you can see, my very large nearly three-year-old has a ton of space in his comfy bag. He was able to sleep with his legs spread out in the ideal position for small legs - the M shape, for maintaining healthy hips in babies and toddlers.
Photo: Duvet weight (left) and winter weight (right)

The winter weight Go Go Bag is designed for bedroom temperatures from 14-20°C and is a TOG 2.2 to 2.6.

There's also a duvet weight Go Go Bag for rooms 15 and 20°C and TOG 3.5 to 4. both are available in gorgeous new season stripes in blue, yellow and pink.

Merino Kids has a handy printable Go Go Bag temperature chart for you to consult if you're not sure how to dress your child for the weather.

Check out Merino Kids' brand new collection now instore - there's new leggings, pyjamas, a knit hoodie and all of the new sleep bags.

Photo: Pink Big Kid pyjamas

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