Millennial mums rejoice! Polly Pockets are back 30 years later

Polly Pockets are back - 30 years later!
Polly Pockets are back - 30 years later! Photo: Mattell

Earlier this year, as prices for vintage Polly Pockets skyrocketed on eBay, rumours were rife that toy giant Mattel were planning to relaunch the iconic toy, 30 years after its original release.

Now we can confirm that the rumours were true! Polly Pocket is back, three decades later. And the best part is, we've got a sneak peek of the brand new dolls that will be out just in time for Christmas.

A revamped Polly, who's had a bit of a makeover since 1995, will hit shelves in December. She comes with new "cutting edge" accessories and additional pocket worlds and is set to ignite the "Polly Passion" in a whole new generation.

And while there's a lot less pastel than there used to be and they're a little bigger,  if you were a die-hard fan back in the day, you'll find it hard not to get excited by these new release compacts. (I'm asking Santa for the Sashay Ballet Compact but the Dance Par-Tayy case is also pretty fabulous.)


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"Polly Pocket was a 90s phenomenon that stole the hearts of children right from its very first release, and we are extremely excited to introduce her to the next generation of Australian kids," says Jacinta Whitehead, Marketing Director for Mattel.

"We hope the relaunch will evoke feelings of nostalgia for the Millennial mums of today who grew up loving Polly Pocket. This is a chance for them to share with their children the fun and excitement they had with Polly when they were younger."

To help introduce your kids to Polly's world, Mattel is also releasing an animated series of Polly and friends content, which will be available in early 2019. "Children all across the country will be able to join Polly and her friends on all of their adventures," says Mattel, with each episode designed to send positive and empowering messages to young girls – inspiring them to be courageous and creative in their own thoughts and actions.

The new Polly Pocket range will be available from Myer on 1 December and Kmart and Big W from 18 December with prices ranging from $8.99 - $39.99.