Move over Hatchimals - fidget toys are the new kid craze

Photo: Ebay
Photo: Ebay 

Unlike Hatchimals, the latest kid toy craze won't have you weeping about your bank account. 

In fact, it can cost under five dollars if you shop around online for the best price.

Fidget toys are fast picking up the pace in Australia, with variations on the fidget theme being sold in droves on eBay. Popular choices include the Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube options, which dominate current sales.

The toys were originally created to help people with ADHD and autism concentrate, supposedly allowing them to process excess energy through doing exactly what you'd imagine: fidgeting with the gadgets. This can mean pressing buttons, fiddling with switches, or spinning the toys. 

But now they've moved into the mainstream, with all kinds of kids asking (read: begging) their parents for their own.

Whether the enhanced concentration claims ring true, or if they're just another distraction, remains to be seen. 

Fidget Cube/Antsy Labs

Essential Kids spoke to eBay's Trend Watcher, Meg English, who explained, "We've seen Fidget Spinners explode on eBay almost overnight. While we expect to see big name brands and tech toys trending, every year we're seeing more and more of these traditional toys win out."

And it looks like there's a very good reason why, according to Ms English. "As kids are constantly connected, it comes as no surprise that these gadgets are helping them switch off and focus."

eBay's data team pulled together some stats about the popular gadgets and in the last two weeks (April 10 to 23) sales have increased by 14 per cent, with listings going up by 58 per cent.

It also appears the toys appeal to more than children. "It's not just kids who are hooked on this craze, Fidgets are the must have office toy for 2017," Ms English said.

The Fidget Cube version came about through a Kickstarter campaign that went viral, when Antsy Labs set out with a modest $15,000 goal and ended up with just under $6.5 million from nearly 155,000 backers.

But a production delay for Antsy Labs means the market has been flooded with copies that are being snapped up in droves.

If it hasn't happened already, expect your kid to be asking for one soon.