Move over Suri and Harper: Aila's in town

Four-year-old Aila Wang, the adorable niece of fashion designer Alexander Wang, stole the show when she arrived at New York Fashion Week last weekend dressed in a miniature version of her uncle’s latest designer tee, a leather mini skirt, Nike sliders with socks and a Balenciaga handbag.

The tiny fashionista has been hitting all the 'must-attend' fashion events with her parents since she was two-years-old. The mere sight of the trendsetter will leave you either wishing you could adopt her as your own or heading straight to the shops in search of her latest outfit.

That is until you remember you don’t, in fact, have a designer for an uncle and can’t quite afford Chanel, Balenciaga or Alexander Wang for that matter. All reactions are equally disturbing, we know, but that didn’t stop Rihanna, photographed here by Harper Bazaar wearing Wang’s slogan tee in its jumper version.

Aila Photo:

The designer himself has high hopes his niece will take over his empire one day, telling Stylelite back in 2011 that he hopes she will join the family run business. “I mean, she’s such a star. I’d love to keep it within the family.”

While we don’t usually agree with dressing children like adults it is hard to protest in the face of such cuteness. Take a look at some of her past appearances in our photo gallery and judge for yourself.