Mum creates elaborate hairstyles for her twins

Some parents are just happy for their kids to make it to school sans pyjamas let alone worrying about their hair. But one mum has set a new standard, creating some elaborate hairstyles for her twin girls.

Jill Ehat, a mother of three, posts a photo on Instagram almost every day showing off her 6-year-old twins, Hallie and Brighton's, braided hair.

Recently featured on the Instagram blog, Ehat says she is totally obsessed with fauxhawks right now.

hair-729 Photo: @jehat via instagram

"My favorite top five styles are fauxhawk braids, bun hawks, buns, pancaked Dutch braids and rope twists.

"I’m especially good at tighter braids and active styles because my girls have something nearly every day like dance, swim, tumbling or soccer," she said.

Ehat began braiding at a young age and now, she says, it plays a big part of her and daughter's lives. 

Similarly, they love doing hair too, says Ehat.

Ehat also says the girls enjoy "Twinning".

She explains on the blog that, "Twinning" is when you and another Instagram hair account wear the same hair on the same day. We try to post at near the same time, which gets tricky when they’re around the world.

"My girls like to look on a map & see where their hair twins live: Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, etc. I think it’s especially fun to twin with actual twins!"