Rejoice! There's a vacuum cleaner for Nerf Bullets

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon 

With kids comes mess, and with mess comes irritable parents.

Along with stray pieces of Lego under foot, one of the major sources of this mess is often Nerf gun bullets - especially at Christmas time when new Nerf presents are put to good use with gusto. 

So if you've ever walked in to a room with the floor covered with tiny blue and orange bullets and declared: "I'm not cleaning this up", this one is for you.

Nerf has released its very own vacuum cleaner, called the Nerf Elite Dart Rover, designed to pick up those little blue cylinders to prevent you having to spend the day on the worst scavenger hunt ever.

Photo: Amazon

Photo: Amazon Photo: Amazon

The vacuum cleaner is able to pick up 100 bullets, with the operator simple having to roll it over the darts to pick them up - magic! Now all you gave to do is add it to your family's Christmas list.

Designers take note - a vacuum for those painful for Lego blocks please!