Shibajuku Girls: Harajuku-inspired fashion dolls

Shibajuku Girls; the next big thing in the fashion doll world.
Shibajuku Girls; the next big thing in the fashion doll world. Photo: Supplied

Collectors of exotic dolls such as Pullips, LaDeeDa and Blythe dolls are even talking about these guys.

You might have been hoping a great and affordable alternative Japanese-style doll might happen, in the hope that your kids will keep their mitts off your prized and very expensive collector dolls.

Or perhaps you have a child obsessed with Japanese fashion and aesthetics.

A Melbourne designer has come to the rescue with her collection of dolls dubbed Shibajuku Girls.

Hunter says, "I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture since studying the language at school as well as multiple trips to Tokyo. I was constantly in awe of the elaborate outfits of the girls in Shibuya and Takeshita Streets.

From there I was determined to bring the Harajuku trends alive in the toy world through the means of a doll, something I had never seen before."


The five different Shibajuku Girls are named Yoko, Namika, Shizuka, Koe and Suki are larger than other fashion dolls - you can see how large they are in the video at the end of this article. 

They also have large glass eyes, articulated posable limbs, life-like lashes and masses of hair just begging to be styled and re-styled many times over. 

As you would expect from a collection honouring Harajuku fashion, the attention to detail is quite remarkable; you'll find cat and rabbit-topped socks, a yellow faux-leather jacket and teeny tiny bows.

Included with each doll is a set of hair accessories for your child, so they can match their doll.

We'd totally love to see a collection of Shibajuku Boys too.


The dolls have launched just this month and can be purchased from Toys R Us Australia ($44.95 at the time of publication).

It might be better to take a visit to a store if you can, as they don't currently allow you to select your preferred girl.

Other retailers such as Myer, Toyworld and Big W will stock them from June.