Six new books, Not-For-Parents

Do you have a little fact-finder in your family? How about a future world explorer or history lover? Why not take them around the world, immerse them in the history of some of our greatest nations. Before you laugh at the absurdity of such an idea we should mention that you can do it all from the comfort of your child's bedroom.

Lonely Planet has released six new Not-For Parents editions that will take your child on a journey back through time. It might not be as memorable as seeing the real thing but with pages upon pages of fun-filled facts on some of the 'most extreme stuff on Earth' their imagination is sure to be ignited.

After the success of their Not-for-Parents Famous Cities books, Lonely Planet is introducing the Not-For-Parents: Everything you ever wanted to know series which transforms and compiles the history of China, Great Britain, U.S.A and Australia into a fun and easy read for kids.

Each book contains inside stories along with interesting facts and bright illustrations. Despite the title, these books have plenty of information for parents as well kids, such as;

  • In 1901 swimming at the beach was forbidden in Australia.
  • Toilet paper was first mentioned by a 6th-century Chinese scholar.
  • In Great Britain licking a stamp with the Queen’s head on it and then placing it upside down is breaking the law.
  • Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy.


Once your kids have conquered the history books they can also start planning for the real thing with the Not-For-Parents: How to be a world explorer manual which offers your little pioneer tips on a range of possible situations they might encounter and how to survive them.

They will learn vital skills such as;

  • How to escape from quicksand
  • How to wrestle a crocodile 
  • How to make a DIY fish trap

For the aspiring thrill seeker there is also the Not-For-Parents: Extreme planet book which gives your kids a taste of the deepest, widest, smallest, quietest, loudest ‘stuff’ on the planet. They might even be inspired to add some of these to their future travel itinerary.

Not-for-Parents: Extreme Planet, $29.99
Not-for-Parents: How to be a World Explorer
, $24.99
Not-for-Parents: Australia
, $19.99
Not-for-Parents: China
, $19.99
Not-for-Parents: Great Britain
, $19.99
Not-for-Parents: USA
, $19.99

For your chance to win one of five sets of the Lonely Planet’s new books for kids simply click here and answer the question, 'Where in the world you most like to explore – and why?'

The competition commences Wednesday 31 October and runs until Wednesday 28 November 2012.