The biggest EVER Lego Minecraft set is here

Lego's biggest ever Minecraft set is coming.
Lego's biggest ever Minecraft set is coming. Photo: Instagram/Lego

In good news for little - and not-so-little Minecraft fans -  Lego is releasing a new Minecraft set and it's their biggest one yet.

Introducing The Mountain Cave in all its 2,863-piece glory. Yep, that's A LOT of bricks.

Available from July 1, it's bigger than its predecessor The Village and even more impressive.

But it doesn't come cheap - the Mountain Cave will set you back $249, and probably a few solid construction hours, too.

"Build and experience the Mountain Cave, featuring an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spider-spawner, charged Creeper explosion and a lava burst," Lego said in a statement.

The set also includes two minifigures (Steve and Alex), a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, two small slimes, two bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper - something for every little minecrafter!

Until July, tide your little ones over with this behind-the-scenes video.

And start preparing your feet for the inevitable extra landmines the set will leave around the house ...

And start prepping your feet for all those extra little pieces your kids will inevitably leave around the house...