Disney’s exciting new Hooyay toy collection stimulating child development

A must-have for every playtime.
A must-have for every playtime.  Photo: @mummys_a_photographer

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The toddler years have a bad reputation for being "terrible". But if you're a "glass half full" kind of parent, you'll recognise that these early years are an exciting time for shaping your little one's development. And a big part of that starts with their playtime.

Toys should be more than just soft and cuddly – the right selection in their toybox can help nurture their learning and mental growth, encouraging their imagination to soar and their motor skills to mature.

Disney's new Hooyay toy collection has been designed to not only be fun to play with for children aged 18 months to five years, but also to stimulate their development in an enjoyable and natural way.

The collection of preschool toys are inspired by Disney's much-loved characters and include a complementary ecosystem of core categories that encourage learning and discovery through children's regular playtime. Included in the range is a selection of musical instruments, smart device-inspired toys, and plush interactive characters that they will love playing with.

Designed and developed in Australia, this toy range offers a lot of benefits for growing minds beyond the fun factor.

Listen to and create music

Making music a part of your kid's playtime is a great way to encourage them to move, think and get creative. Music can also help them learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills while improving their fine and gross motor skills.

The four musical instruments in the "Rock 'n' Swap" Range – Drum Kit, Dance Mat, Microphone and Guitar – are high-tech, with a variety of settings and modes that allow your child to customise their jam session. For example, the Mickey Guitar has two modes – rhythm rocker and free play – to allow your little one to play along to Mickey's music or make up a tune by touching the frets and strumming on their own accord.


The "Rock 'n' Swap" Guitar will keep your little one entertained for hours. Photo: Supplied.


If singing is more their thing, they'll love the three functions on the Minnie Singalong Microphone. The play microphone allows them to use the solo singer mode to come up with their own lyrics to a backing music beat; they can sing along with Minnie Mouse (or one of the other characters by interchanging another "Rock 'n' Swap" head); and the applause button ensures they receive the encouragement they need to keep belting out those tunes.

Inspire imaginative play

Role-play encourages creativity and imagination in toddlers and young children, which are important for sensory, physical and cognitive development. Combined with music – another valuable learning tool – Disney's Hooyay toys provide hours of educational entertainment.

In addition to the musical instruments in the Hooyay collection, the smart device-like toys (choose from the Mickey or Minnie "Smartphone" or the Find and Play "Tablet") will inspire real-world imaginative play scenarios and include lots of pretend app fun along with lights and sounds to further encourage learning of the alphabet, music, numbers and more.

The Mickey Find and Play

The Mickey Find and Play "Tablet" focuses on teaching your little one the alphabet. Photo: Supplied. 

Build on the basics

The Disney Hooyay collection provides multiple layers of development opportunities. To enhance your kid's understanding of the basics like letters, colours, numbers, and shapes, each of the "Rock 'n' Swap" character heads focus on a particular learning area.

Mickey's learning focus is letters, Minnie's learning focus is colours, Donald's is numbers, and Tigger's is shapes. All you have to do is swap the heads to bring a unique learning benefit and all-new character voice to each respective product.

Make a friend for life

You'd be hard-pressed to find an adult that doesn't have their own fond memories of growing up with Mickey, Minnie and the whole Disney gang. These iconic characters have a way of earning a special place in hearts.

From your own childhood and now that of your child's, there's something to be said about being able to share your love for the same characters through generations. Many of the products in this range feature the authentic voice of Mickey Mouse and his friends, bringing the true essence of these characters to life.

Available at Target and David Jones and launching at other major retailers in the next few months.