The Wiggles have launched a new interactive App - and your kids are going to love it

The Wiggles have launched a new interactive App
The Wiggles have launched a new interactive App Photo: Weyo / The Wiggles

Do you have a Wiggles-obsessed kid? 

If your three-year-old is anything like mine, then their passion for the children's group is pretty intense. We're talking Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga on repeat from dawn to dusk and a squealing hysteria every time his friends Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony appear. 

Well, I have some exciting news for you hot-off-the-press! 

A brand new augmented reality (AR) App has just been released that allows your children to get up close and personal with the whole gang.

'The Wiggles: Fun Time with Faces' app lets your little one sing all their favourite Wiggles songs, take part in an immersive story narrated by Emma Wiggle and star in videos as their favourite characters.

Too. Much. Fun. 

The app has been created by Australian tech start-up Weyo and uses first of its kind interactive video technology and cutting-edge AR 3D masks to help your kids use their imagination and creativity. 

It features four fun houses to play in, with a highlight being the 'Fun Time with Songs' house.

While watching their favourite Wiggles' songs (like Hot Potato, Do the Propeller and Rock-a-Bye Your Bear), children can star in them too - as they film themselves singing along and wearing funny masks. It also features the 'Funny Button' so kids can add their choice of sticker to the video - like Wags the Dog barking, Captain Feathersword's Sword or Emma's 'bowtiful' bow in their hair.

The best part? Your kids can replay and record as many times as they like and save the videos to your phone!

The 'Fun Time with Stories' house is another cool section where kids are able to star in an interactive story with Emma as she encourages them to become their favourite character through song, language and structured play. Sadly though, I can't access this on my iPhone 6s yet - it's exclusive to all the iPhone X's for launch due to the technology required. Boo. 

Nonetheless, there seems plenty to keep my over-excited toddler occupied for at least 10 minutes. *sighs*

What else? The app is currently only available on iPhone and iPad but will apparently be released on Android very soon. It's also free to download and try for one week (with full content access), and reduced content is still available free after the trial has ended. After that there is a monthly subscription free of $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. 

What are you waiting for? Ready. Steady, Download (from the App store here).