Top five buys from the Aldi wooden toy sale

The amazing $49.99 dolls house from the Aldi wooden toy sale on Wednesday June 20.
The amazing $49.99 dolls house from the Aldi wooden toy sale on Wednesday June 20. Photo: Aldi

It's Aldi toy sale time and for the very first time it's wooden toys at centre stage. 

Addressing the increasing desire of parents to buy more environmentally-friendly, gender neutral toys for their children, Aldi is also giving a nod to the increasing popularity of toys from yesteryear.

With production costs usually prohibitive when it comes to wooden toys due to the level of craftmanship required, they're pretty excited to bring an affordable 30-piece range to the parents of Australia.

We've selected five of the best, all at bargain prices.

1. Gender neutral doll house


It's an absolute steal at just $49.99, with retailers finally listening to parents when it comes to making gender neutral toys. 

Eight different sets of furniture and wooden dolls are available at $8.99 a set. There will be line ups for this beauty so get there early.

2. London bus

Nobody will be able to resist this charming bright red London double decker bus complete with passengers and a shape game. It's just $29.99.

3. Wooden diner

At $99.99 this fabulous retro-style wooden diner will have them cooking up a storm. The dials on the oven click and it has a serving window and microwave.

4. Play food

Beautifully complementing the diner are five different play food sets. They're just $12.99 each and you have the choice of fruit, sandwich, salad, fridge and pantry sets.

5. Toy storage chest

All those new toys are going to need a place to live and what better than these attractive  toy storage chests. They're $49.99 each, feature soft-close hinges, and there's a choice of two modern, fresh designs.
Happy shopping!