Toys from our childhood

We all like to reminisce about our childhood from time to time and nothing takes us back to the carefree days of our youth faster than the many toys we cherished.

The ones we begged our parents for as we stood clutching it for dear life in the middle of the shopping aisle. They were the moments when we found every excuse under the sun to explain the absolute dire circumstances we would find ourselves in if we left without that toy.

While toys have become more technologically advanced over the years, many have evolved with the times from the versions we once played with ourselves. From My Little Pony and Mr Potato Head to Strawberry Shortcake, Marvel superheroes and Cabbage Patch Kids, to name but a few.

Stickle Bricks - still going strong in most child care centres.
Stickle Bricks - still going strong in most child care centres. 

But what about those toys your children wouldn't be familiar with? He-Man and She-Ra from Masters of the Universe, Alf, Popples and Teddy Ruxpin are all bound to hold a special place in your heart if you were a child in the eighties but would be a mystery to your own kids.

Have a look through our epic gallery above and share the toys from your childhood with your kids. Be sure to show them the original Nintendo gaming console, we think they might be surprised by how much they've changed.

What have we missed in our list? Let us know int he comments below.

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