Unique teacher gifts they will genuinely love - for every budget


It's that time of year again and you're so busy with all the end of year commitments, festivities, planning and obligations that the teacher gifts may have slipped your mind. 

The last thing you want to do is encumber them with yet another mug or box of Fererro Rocher chocolates, so we have your go-to guide for gifts that aren't run of the mill.

Not everyone has a huge amount to spend at an already expensive time of year, so we've catered to all budgets, with gifts starting at just $3.99.

So here you have it - gifts for every kind of teacher; gifts that they will absolutely love.

Class photo album

Photo: Shutterfly

If you have a class contact list, industrious parents can organise a student-per-page class book. Your child can type up a letter of appreciation for their teacher and you could use their school photos, or parent-submitted photos. 

The one pictured is from Shutterfly and prices vary according to the size chosen, and number of pages. There are many other companies you can do these through.

Personalised key ring

Photo: The Daily Edited
Ok admittedly the word 'keyring' doesn't inspire extreme excitement. That's only because you haven't seen these keyrings. The allure of personalisation is strong when combined with on-trend appealing shapes.
Go with initials or the full first name and when their teacher opens up the divine gift box these personalised keyrings come with, there will be guaranteed smiles. Prices start at $29.95 to $59.95, from The Daily Edited.

​Keep Cup

Photo: KeepCup

So a mug is not the gift you want to be giving a teacher, who may well be inundated with several each year. But these are not mugs - they are portable reusable coffee cups with lids, which keeps children in classrooms safe from hot liquids.

We recommend the glass KeepCup (above - $26) because unlike plastic reusable cups, they don't retain yucky flavours or smells. There's also the revolutionary Sttoke shatterproof ceramic cup (below - $39.95) - choose from balck and white versions.

Photo: Sttoke

Pot plant

Photo: Ikea
The amount you spend is not a marker of your appreciation for your child's teacher. These small succulent pants are just $3.99 from Ikea and are virtually unkillable. Bunnings also has a budget-friendly selection.

Pack of art supplies

Photo: Kmart

Teachers often have to fork out for things like class prizes and art supplies so why not make a pack for next year? Head to Kmart for some amazingly cost-effective options and wrap it all up in a box. They won't have to dip into their own wallets quite so much and will be sure to be appreciated.

The ones pictures above are $15 each from Kmart, but there are many more options available.

Books or resources to go with units of work

Photo: Supplied

If you know they teach The Very Hungry Caterpillar every year, buy some resources to go with it. It won't be a big ask to find out what next years' units of work are and you can buy accordingly. If you're crafty, you could even look up an educational activity online and create the resource for them.

The box set above is $15 from Big W and the puppet $23.99 from fun.com.au.

Fancy hand soap

Photo: Bondi Wash

It's a far cry from the bar of soap no-one wants. Everyone loves fancy hand soap and let's face it, most of us don't buy it for ourselves. This one is $20 from Bondi Wash.

Combined class gift card

Photo: Australia Post

Teachers spend much of their hard-earned cash on resources for the classroom, so why not give a little back so they can choose to spend on themselves, or on more resources.

Personalise it with a heartfelt note or hand-drawn artwork of appreciation from every child in the class.

Gift cards can be purchased from any Australia Post outlet.