When fidget spinners take on a life of their own

Fidget spinner nail art is here.
Fidget spinner nail art is here. Photo: Instagram/Natasha Lee

If you haven't yet heard of fidget spinners, please stop reading and continue living your blissful spinner-free existence. If you have, then step this way -  here are three other ways to embrace this latest trend. Because why should kids have all the fun ...

Fidget spinner makeup:

If you haven't found a satisfying way to store your favourite highlight, eye shadow, and lipstick in one easy-to-access method, then allow me to present this genius spinning solution courtesy of blogger Sylvia Gani. While it does involves mutilating a lipstick and some Pokemon cards - the final result is quite pretty.

Take at look:

Fidget spinner nail art:

If you though you'd seen everything, well - you'd be wrong. Fidget spinner nail art is now a thing. You too can have spinning nails if you follow this tutorial by nail, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Natasha Lee.

"Yes, I went there," Ms Lee announces in her Instagram post. And yes, yes she did.

Take a look:


Fidget spinner cookies:

If you prefer your fads in edible form, then fidget spinner cookies might be more to your taste (sorry).These colourful treats have been popping up on Instagram over the last few weeks, with plenty of variations.


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This version from Clearly Cookies actually spins ...

More of a traditionalist? Have a look at our DIY spinners here: