Why Disney fans are obsessed with these Minnie Mouse ears

Photo: Sabrina Carpenter/ styledbymagic/Instagram
Photo: Sabrina Carpenter/ styledbymagic/Instagram 

While Disney accessories have always been popular, in recent years certain products have become cult items, with fans on the lookout for the next hottest must-have. This time? It's rose gold Minnie Mouse ears and people are going bonkers for them.

Disney star Sabrina Carpenter was spotted on Instagram sporting a pair of the glam ears and it seems they're about to become a craze for those who love all that is shiny.

With more than 1,700 comments on the photo, many are asking "Where did you get those rose gold ears?!"

The accessory is covered in rose gold sequins with that essential Minnie Mouse bow and aren't available online.

Some park-goers say that they are available in any of the on-site Disney stores, and others say they are quite hard to find, depending which park they're in.

Of course Disney-obsessed blogger Chelsea Watson is on the case, having snagged a pair at Orlando Disney World. She exclaims excitedly, "BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?! Disney Parks are finally giving the people what they want - Rose gold ears!!"

She notes the improvements to the Disney product lines and asks her 26,000 followers what they think of the changes, and the responses are overwhelmingly positive.


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It can't be disputed that Disney has stepped up its product game and people are most definitely noticing. It seems snagging the very latest luxe Disney product is becoming a thing.


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