YouTube sensation Grace Mulgrew has more than 640,000 subscribers - and she's just 10-years-old

10-year-old YouTube sensation, Grace Mulgrew, is hosting a Shopkins swap-meet at the Australian Open.
10-year-old YouTube sensation, Grace Mulgrew, is hosting a Shopkins swap-meet at the Australian Open. Photo: Timothy Burgess | IMAGEPLAY

If your child wants to have their own YouTube channel thanks to the likes of Evan Tube or Disney Collector, then you're not alone.

One little girl, who made that dream into a reality, is 10-year-old Grace Mulgrew. The tween's hugely popular "Grace's World," has amassed more 640,0000 subscribers and 585 million views - and counting!

The Melbourne girl will be at Kids zone at the Australian Open this Saturday 28 January, hosting a Shopkins, "swap-meet" event where fans can swap their shopkins doubles and complete their collections. 

(For the uninitiated, Shopkins are the best-selling dolls in the world - and were designed in East Melbourne.)


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Grace told Essential Kids that after watching other doll videos on YouTube she thought it "might be cool to make my own." She had no idea, however, just how popular her videos would become.

"I didn't plan on becoming famous on YouTube, but now that I am, it's great to receive lots of nice comments and fan mail from my followers," Grace said.

The youngster even won the 2015 Online Video Award for Best Kids Content.

"I remember walking up to the microphone to receive my award and then having someone get a milk crate for me to stand on because I was so little and had no hope of reaching it – there were plenty of laughs from the audience," she said.


For Grace's parents, raising a child star of YouTube has been an "enjoyable experience". 

"Grace's success hasn't changed her personality," they said, "and we've been fortunate to meet lots of interesting people that we otherwise would never have met.

And while the couple have held concerns about Grace's privacy and the potential for cyber-bullying they ensure Grace is comfortable with what she is doing and that "any information we provide to others maintains some level of privacy".

Life is certainly much busier, however - with any spare moment dedicated to Grace's channel. "In a way it's been great because it means lots more family time working together with Grace," her parents said.

On Saturday, January 28 Grace will be down at Melbourne's Ballpark Swap-kins Zone from 12pm -6pm to meet her fans and to "unbox" the new season 7 Shopkins range. 

All you need is an Australian Open ground pass, available from ticketek or at the gate on the day.

And tell your kids to bring the Shopkins doubles they'd like to trade!

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Hanging out with the Shopkins Shoppies at the Australian Open - getting ready for Swapkins day on 28th January

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