Comedian Shane Jacobson to host Australian version of Little Big Shots

Trailer: Little Big Shots (US)

From tiny dancers and small singers to mini martial arts experts, you'll see jaw-dropping talents and astounding feats performed by youngsters from all over the globe.

Funnyman Shane Jacobson believes his next project will break the mould when it comes to children-themed reality TV.

Jacobson is set to host the Australian version of children's talent show Little Big Shots which was originally conceived by Ellen DeGeneres and debuted in the US in last year.

The American version is hosted by Steve Harvey and is now into its second season. 

Shane Jacobson will host the feel-good talent show.
Shane Jacobson will host the feel-good talent show. Photo: Supplied

The Seven Network has acquired the rights to the show in Australia and tapped Jacobson on the shoulder to host the feel-good program. 

Jacobson became a household name after staring in the 2006 comedy Kenny. He told Fairfax Media the show is going to be a "whole lot of fun". 

"The thing I truly love about the show, not just as a parent but as a human - is the kids get a chance to display their talents without getting judged or criticised," he said. "It's much easier to enjoy as a viewer. It's just a celebration of kids' talent and their honesty." 

The acquisition is a bold move for Seven, with children's talent shows often enduring a short lifespan on Australian commercial television. 

But Jacobson is confident Little Big Shots can break the mould thanks to the show's freestyle format. There are no judges, scores or even prizes. 

"It's not a competition," he said. "[Shows like Junior Masterchef] are a format that's been seen quite a bit. The truth is, you know what you're going to get before you turn it on. I'm not saying that made it a bad show - the kids were gorgeous - but before you turned the remote on you knew you were going to see kids cooking.


"But with our show ... you don't know what you're going to get." 

Staying true to the idea of the unknown, Jacobson admits he hasn't been watching too many episodes of the original Little Big Shots

"I think the only way to guarantee it being me is just to be me," he said. "I think it would be tempting for some people to go watch everything else out there, but I just don't think I should do that [and instead] react to what I see in front of me."

Jacobson also thinks Australians are crying out for a television program that the whole family can enjoy. Feel-good vibes are hard to come by these days, he says, among all the distressing news stories people are confronted with each and every day. 

"This is only the third thing I've done that I can sit down with my four kids and have them all watch it with me," he said. "It's a great thing for families at home, but it's also a great thing for my family." 

Channel 7 is currently conducting call-outs for children aged between three and 13. Filming for Little Big Shots is set to kick-off in the next few weeks.