Cookie Monster spoofs Icona Pop

Cookie Monster practicing self-control.
Cookie Monster practicing self-control. 

Watching Cookie Monster devour an entire bowl of cookies is a thing of past with 'self-control now being something he must learn'.

Turning Icona Pop's hit, "I love it" into “Me Want It (But Me Wait)”, Sesame Street aims to teach children about impulse and self-control.

In the clip, Cookie Monster says that just because you want something now doesn't mean you should have it straightaway.

He sings, "Me want it, but me wait."

He also offers some catchy advice for kids on the 'brink' of losing control.

"Need to just calm down, me need to stop and think, me need control me self, yeah that’s the way to live and then me functioning like an executive."

"Me want it, but me wait."

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. 

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