Meet the 15-year-old voice of Peppa Pig

15-year-old Harley Bird is the voice of Peppa Pig.
15-year-old Harley Bird is the voice of Peppa Pig. Photo: YouTube

Harley Bird was only five years old when she took on the role of a lifetime: the voice of Peppa Pig.

Ten years later, the teen is still voicing Peppa, the cheeky little swine adored by kids around the world.

Appearing on This Morning with her TV mummy, Morwenna Banks (AKA Mummy Pig), Bird delighted her hosts - and the audience - by slipping into character, complete with that famous giggle.

And the internet was mind-blown:

Now the third person to play Peppa, Bird explained that despite the show's popularity, she's not "recognised" when she speaks normally, outside of the studio.

"[Peppa] has a four-year-old's voice ... my normal voice, I sound like a 15-year-old," she said. "But I can kind of switch between the two now."


Bird and Banks also discussed Peppa's movie debut: Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience, which has already hit cinemas in Australia. And, in case you're wondering whether to take your little ones along, it has the Mummy Pig seal of approval.

"I know as a parent I was always worried about taking little ones to the cinema because they'd be disruptive and you'd worry," Banks said. "But this is absolutely designed to take little children to."