Sia heads to Sesame Street and it's too cute

 Photo: Sesame Street/YouTube

Here's a new ear worm for the whole family courtesy of Sia, who has just appeared for the very first time on Sesame Street with the adorable stars of the show.

Seriously, things could not get any cuter or more catchy as Sia does her thing singing a song with the crew about the different types of songs there are. She's wearing her signature wig, as are the furry creatures, and this time she has ditched the long fringe in favour of a bright red nose.

We can't think of anything better than Cookie Monster in a Sia wig and there he is, almost upstaging Sia herself with his sweet, silly antics.

Even grown adults are saying they can't stop watching this happy, upbeat clip over and over, and it's likely that kids will too, so best to get out the headphones before it's no longer a novelty.
It looks like she had a whole lot of fun with the Sesame Street gang. Oh, to be hanging out with those little guys and gals - lucky Sia!

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