The internet loses it's mind over the fact Big Bird has 'cousins' all over the world

Big Bird has colourful cousins all over the world.
Big Bird has colourful cousins all over the world. Photo: Twitter

After everything 2020 threw at us, we didn't think anything could shock us now.

Then out of nowhere, Sesame Street character Big Bird dropped an absolute bomb on our poor unsuspecting selves: he has 'cousins' that live all over the world, and like people, they all look a little different.

"Different countries often have their own co-production of Sesame Street," Twitter account, Muppet History explained, adding that each production "incorporates their culture, along with their own versions of 'Big Bird' and 'Oscar the Grouch'."

The giant bird himself took to Twitter later to confirm that he does indeed, have colourful cousins all around the globe, meaning the Big Bird people grew up with is different depending on where you live.

"I heard my friends on Twitter were asking about my cousins around the world!" the tweet read. "It's true, I have a lot of bird cousins in different countries. Here's a little bit about them."

Following the tweet was a thread of Big Bird's relatives, including Minik Kuş  from Turkey, Pino from The Netherlands, Abelardo from Mexico, Poupas from Portugal and perhaps the most terrifying of all: Garibaldo from Brazil.

"Thanks for learning about my family! It's fun having cousins all around the world!" Big Bird finished the thread with a yellow heart emoji.


Although many people were aware more than one Big Bird existed, a lot of Sesame Street fans had no idea and are having trouble coming to terms with the fact the giant bird they grew up knowing isn't the same everywhere.

"Looks like a f---ing alternative universe," one fan tweeted.

While others enjoyed the fact that Big Bird acknowledges his Brazillian cousins is a bit... terrifying.

"Big Bird, I'm sorry, but Garibaldo looks like he sells orphans," one fan joked.

"I am very unnerved by Garibaldo's energy and Big Bird's nervous disclaimer re: same," another wrote.

Check out Big Bird's cousins below, meanwhile we just need to sit down and process this new information.


Abelardo from Mexico.

Abelardo from Mexico. Photo: Twitter

The Netherlands

Pino from The Netherlands

Pino from The Netherlands Photo: Twitter


Minik Kuş from Turkey

Minik Kuş from Turkey Photo: Twitter


Poupas from Portugal.

Poupas from Portugal. Photo: Twitter


Garibaldo from Brazil

Garibaldo from Brazil Photo: Twitter