The LEGO reality TV show we'd love to see in Australia

 Photo: Shutterstock

Seen one too many mystery box challenges? No longer Keeping up with the Kardashians? Jaded by yet another Bachelor breakup? Well, here's a reality TV show worth getting excited about.

LEGO Masters, which will air on Channel 4 in the UK, will showcase eight pairs of amateur Lego lovers, ranging in age from nine to 40, as they tackle various "ambitious" brick creations.

The program will test participants' creativity, construction skills and most importantly - their imagination. 

Hosted by DJ and TV presenter Melvin Odoom it also features head judge, Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design for the LEGO Group. For each round, Ashton will be joined on the judging panel by experts from various fields including engineering, art and design.

"This playful new format demonstrates that LEGO bricks are more than just a toy – or something to step on – and will appeal to the child in all of us, showcasing spectacular builds and inspire the next generation of artists, engineers, architects and builders" said executive producer Steph Harris in a statement.

Pairs will be eliminated at the end of each show, with the remaining two crowned LEGO Masters.

Basically, it's a brilliant idea - and needs to happen here in Australia ASAP. Wouldn't it be fantastic to see an Aussie battle of the bricks, teams competing to build the ultimate Opera House or boxing Kangaroo.

Given just how beloved Lego is by young and old in this country, we think they'd be onto a winner.