Watch 7-year-old, Elias Phoenix's, impressive piano performance on Ellen


Piano prodigy, Elias Phoenix, will probably go down as one of The Ellen DeGeneres Show's most unforgettable guests to date.

From the moment he walked on stage, the smooth-talking seven-year-old was all complements and hugs for his favourite talk show host.

“You are cute,” said the beaming youngster to Ellen.

“Cu-te,” he reiterated.

The ambitious Elias had set two goals for himself in his short life; to play at Carnegie Hall and to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, having already ticked off the first over Thanksgiving in November last year, his excitement at being able to achieve the second is infectious.

Looking smart in a bow tie and hat, Ellen asked Elias if he always dresses this way, or if it was just for her?

“I dress like that for you and I dress like that to be myself,” he said before giving Ellen another hug and touching her hair.

“Your hair is soft,” he said, before adding, “Hey, be just the way you are and do not put on any gel.”

Before dancing his way to the piano, Ellen asked Elias if he ever cuts his hair.

He replied, "Never ever, I want to be different and cool." 

Watch Elias' impressive piano performance here. We think you'd agree he is both different and very cool.