Where is Hannah Martin from 'Neighbours' now?

Hannah Martin from 'Neighbours' is all grown up.
Hannah Martin from 'Neighbours' is all grown up. Photo: Youtube

Making a name for herself as Hannah Martin on Neighbours when she was just eight years old, Rebecca Ritters moved away from acting to pursue a different career path.

Sixteen years after leaving Ramsay Street, the now 31-year-old is a journalist working in Berlin, Germany. 

Photo: Twitter/@ Rebecca Ritters.

Since being written out of the show in 1999, Ritters went into modelling as well as some acting in the UK.

Ritters also had a brief role as backpacker Jules Robinson on Coronation Street.

Apart from returning to neighbours for a brief stint in their 20th anniversary special, Ritters said she gave up acting "a long time ago."

In 2011, Ritters went to university to study her BA in politics and International Relations.

When asked if she would return to the soap for their 30th anniversary, she said: "No, they didn't ask me... Boo hoo."