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Would you ever ask a birthday party no-show to pay you back?

Mary Ward This parent did... and now they're threatening legal action.

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Why I outsourced my son's birthday party

Jo Hartley Would you outsource your child's birthday party? Jo Hartley tells us why she decided to pass the baton to the experts this time around.

When dad plans the party

Heidi van Dort It may not happen often, but it does happen. Somewhere out there right now, a dad is planning a birthday party for his child.

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As children go back to school, parents face great lunch box challenge

Natasha Boddy As children across the country start returning to school on Monday, parents are faced with the dreaded task of another year of packing the school lunch ...

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My daughter's 'a different type of perfect'

Kelly Dugan I have a child with special needs. I am that guy, we are that family.

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Boy describes his 'mind blowing' first kiss

Livia Gamble First kisses can be awkward and tricky to navigate but for this young boy it was "just so mind-blowing".

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A holiday where kids stay and eat for free

Tracey Spicer The founder of The Holiday Inn created the company back in 1952, after discovering few hotel options for his family; it was the first to use the slogan, ...

Building family bonds on holiday

Antonia Kidman Antonia Kidman reveals the reasons why her family's yearly trip to the Canadian mountains remains their most cherished holiday escape.

How to have a romantic holiday with children in tow

Collette Beck If you are dreaming of a romantic holiday for you and your partner it doesn't have to be kid-free. Here are four tips to creating some romance as a ...

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Why children think money is free, and what to do about it

Rachel Clun 4:06pm A recent study by the Commonwealth Bank has found young children have little understanding of where money actually comes from.

Honest cover letter gets Queensland teen noticed

Rachel Clun Connor Gerrard has no experience, but he won't let that get in the way of getting a job.

Nutty examples of over-the-top parenting

John Rosemond Psychologist John Rosemond questions the sanity of parents who go over-the-top with extravagant gifts and experiences for their kids.