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Parents send detailed list of pre-approved gifts for son’s first birthday party

Kerri Sackville If you stray from the list make sure you include the receipt, otherwise you will basically be "throwing away money".

When poor etiquette ruins a kid’s birthday party

Linda Moon Children’s parties have become big-ticket events, meaning not turning up isn’t a trivial matter.

Would you ever ask a birthday party no-show to pay you back?

Mary Ward This parent did... and now they're threatening legal action.

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Teen grocery store attendant praised for walking home senior citizen

Livia Gamble 2:03pm Christian Trouesdale's story has gone viral after having his picture taken while walking a 96-year-old man home with his groceries.

Brothers from 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video all grown up

Livia Gamble After eight years and millions of views, the two boys from the 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video are all grown up.

Storm aftermath: Aussie the dog saved family from electrocution

Dan Proudman A devastated family believe their lives have been saved by their beloved blue cattle dog after it was electrocuted in a live puddle as he walked only a ...

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Nepal earthquake: Daylesford family safe and well

Deborah Gough, Marissa Calligeros, Beau Donelly A young Victorian family feared lost in the Nepal earthquake is safe and well, relieved family members have confirmed.

Why is there no Anzac Day public holiday this year?

Anna Patty The NSW government has been urged to grant workers a public holiday on Monday after the Anzac Day commemorations on Saturday.

Cringe-worthy travel moments with kids

Tracey Spicer Not everything your kids say is cute. When you're travelling, they can be downright offensive.

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How to donate to help Nepal earthquake victims

Charities have urged Australians to donate to earthquake relief efforts after thousands were killed and many more were injured when a 7.9 ...

Finding your passion after children

Elana Benjamin Raising children and having a satisfying career seemed to be a problem with no possible solution for Elana Benjamin until it made her reassess what she ...

Food challenge

Gwyneth Paltrow sparks ridicule with $38 food stamps grocery shop

Rob Crilly Actress and healthy eating advocate takes up challenge of eating on budget of $29 a week and immediately attracts criticism for low calorie diet.