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Businesses cashing in on kids' parties

Gayle Bryant Is it OK to turn your kid's party into a festival? The Kardashians and now many Aussie parents certainly think it is.

10 easy kids' party food ideas

Here are 10 great simple ideas for party food - some to prepare the day of the party, others to prepare ahead of time.

Why birthdays don't have to be expensive

Thuy Yau It is easy to get caught up in the desire to give your kids the best of everything but here is why presents and parties aren't needed to make a child's ...


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Lone male

Don't feel sorry for me because I have daughters

CHRISTOPHER SCANLON Since the birth of his second daughter six weeks ago, Christopher Scanlon has had a steady stream of pity come his way.

Dealing with family chaos

Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen It helps to have a good sense of humour and a plan when you're faced with unforeseen problems that throw your family into chaos.


Mother's loving note to her gay son has gone viral

LIVIA GAMBLE After 13-year-old Connor revealed his sexuality to his parents, his mother wrote him a letter so that he would always have "something tangible to hold ...

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Mama Holiday: Families can be hit hard with travel related scams

TRACEY SPICER Families can be hit hard with travel related scams because (a) we travel in a group and (b) we're restricted to certain times of year. So a scam can ...



Country holidays: Australia's best farm stays

SHERIDEN RHODES Rolling green hills, the early morning crow of a zealous rooster, fresh country air and the thrill of collecting freshly laid eggs are part and parcel of ...


Things to do while parked

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS Between school pick-ups and after school activities, play dates and parties, you can spend hours each week just sitting in your parked vehicle waiting ...

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The teenagers taking on eBay

Alexandra Cain Siblings launch a site that could be superior to the popular online marketplace thanks to one crucial difference.

Parenting when your partner works away

Kym Campradt When my husband broached the subject of working away from home for periods of time, I was nervous to say the least. With two boys, how would each of us ...


Top 7 last-minute tax tips

JUSTINE DAVIES Does anyone enjoy doing their tax return? Here are a few simple things to help reduce the stress of tax time – as well as hopefully boost your return.