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Signing an indemnity form to attend a children's birthday party

Livia Gamble Signing a waiver at a birthday party is becoming more common, depending on the activity.


22 top tips from a master cake baker

Mihiri Udabage The 'cake fail' is almost a rite of passage for every new parent but with these 22 tips you can avoid it.

Story behind Frozen 'cake fail' thaws hearts

Loren Smith Elsa, Queen of the misunderstood, would have sympathised.


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The six-year-old boy collecting smiles after losing both parents

Livia Gamble Everyone can learn a thing or two from this little boy.

Tragedy as brothers drown in swimming pool while entangled in tent

Livia Gamble Two boys from Texas drowned at their home last Friday when the tent they were in wound up in the swimming pool.

Dad writes hilarious 'Taken' inspired note, gets kids to do their dishes

Livia Gamble One dad has found a simple, effective solution to get kids to do their chores.

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Would you pay for a 'Sandcastle Butler'?

Kerri Sackville Brace yourself, parents. You're going to love this.

7 kid-friendly things to do in Singapore

Jennifer Morton If you're heading to Singapore with the kids, here's seven ways to keep the whole family entertained.

Counterproductive and pointless: fines for taking children out of school for holidays

Tracey Spicer Parents are as mad as hell, and they're not going to take it any more.

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Company chiefs with daughters make for kinder workplaces

Children shape their parents' beliefs and preferences, and this has real implications for decision making at the top echelons of corporate companies.

Tony Abbott's school reform paper proposes cutting federal funding

Matthew Knott Free schooling in Australia may no longer exist if the Abbott government decides on radical reform, says green paper.


Would you pay $100 a year for a school parking spot?

Catherine Rodie What is the traffic like around your child's school? For many, it is pretty dire. But is this the right solution?

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