10 lies we believed when we were kids

Lies we believed as kids.
Lies we believed as kids. Photo: Getty

Convincing children of little white lies can be amusing, and at times convenient, for parents and older relatives. 

Well aware that few of us escaped such tactics as kids, Reddit user PsychedelicMovement asked what lies users were told by adults when they were younger just to mess with them. Have a read of the top ten responses below and let us know what lies you have told your own kids.

1. Only brown cows can produce chocolate milk.


Yellow_Umbrella_Girl: "I used to mess with my younger sister all the time. Until the age of 16 she believed that brown cows only produce chocolate milk."

2. Air bubbles in food are from bugs. 

Caylasm: "When I was seven my brother and sister convinced me that air bubbles on pizzas were from a fly or other bug landing in the pizza and it getting baked in."

3. Picking your nose will make your fingers fall off.

jswoll: "That if you picked your nose your fingers would rot and fall off. I had a great uncle who only had one finger on each hand, and they told me that's what happened to him. I was totally terrified to go near my nose for years."


4. Orange pulp is actually backwash.


partyc4t: "My dad told me that pulp in orange juice was actually just his backwash when he would drink the orange juice and spit it back in deciding that he didn't want it. As a child I believed this for a very long time and did not drink orange juice."

5. Bumps on your tongue are caused by lies. 

ThreePieces: When I was a kid I'd sometimes get these little bumps on my tongue. I think it was maybe an irritated papillae or something? I dunno, but my mom told me that they were called lie bumps and the only way to get rid of them was admitting what you lied about. I admitted everything.

6. Burnt parts of toast are where all the nutrients are. 


jaggazz: "That the brown spots on bananas, and the burned parts of toast are where all the vitamins are."

7. Saying "fish fingers" is a swear word. 

dixietrix: "My dad told me the f word was 'fish fingers' if you say it in a deep voice. I believed him for two years."

8. Microwaves in baby change rooms are for heating up cold babies. 

Galaxyan: "My dad told me microwaves in baby change rooms were to heat up babies if they were cold (like small newborns or something). I believed him until I thought about it, embarrassingly, recently."

9. TV was acted out live. 

salientlife93: "I thought that all TV was live and that every time I watched a movie they had to act it out for me in real time. I went to bed on time without my mum asking because I felt bad for watching TV at night."

10. Being born without a birth mark meant you were grown in a lab.

RustinCh0le: "My older brother told me that I didn't have a birth mark like he did because I wasn't born, but instead grown in a lab."