Family Finances

5 things to teach your daughters about money

JUSTINE DAVIES What lessons would you like to pass on to your children? Here Justine Davies shares the ones she has learnt about money.


Should your new partner help support you and your children?

How much do you expect financially from your new partner?

Linda Moon Negotiating money and finances in a new relationship is tricky enough, but doubly so when you have dependent children to bring into the mix.

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The cost of raising kids


JO HARTLEY No one can deny that raising children is an expensive business. Is the rising cost causing people to reevaluate whether or not they can afford to add to their families?


Are you a workaholic?

Working yourself into the ground?

Cosima Marriner For recovering workaholics, the risk of crossing the line back into unhealthy work habits lurks.

Cate Blanchett buys unit on harbour as investment for sons

Cate Blanchett with her children

Lucy Macken Cate Blanchett and her husband, Sydney Theatre Company artistic director Andrew Upton, have spent nearly $2million on a waterfront apartment in Elizabeth Bay.


How to build an emergency fund

How to stop spending and start saving

Sooner or later, you may need to dip into funds for an unexpected emergency. Whether your car breaks down or your laptop goes on the blink or worse still, you find yourself without a job, money set aside for a ''rainy day'' will help you keep your head above water.

Why you need a will and how to prepare for one

If you have a young family you have one very good reason to get your will finalised as soon as possible.

Cassy Small As parents we’d do anything in our power to protect and provide for our children. That’s why writing your will should stop lingering on your to-do list.

Man goes without sex for a year for charity that saves children from sex slavery


Jill Stark By his own admission, Pete Lynagh was ''completely shallow''. Picking up women was his thing. Weekends were a blur of parties, clubs and one-night stands.

First coin minted for 2014: Teen camps out for five nights for coin

Harley Russo briefly holds his coin before having it framed.

Karen Hardy There aren't too many 14 year olds who would knock back an easy $2000 but Harley Russo did just that on Wednesday, preferring instead to hold on to the first coin minted in 2014.


Financial bullying can hurt couples

Performance Review. Performance review staged generics.10 September 2007. 

Photo by Andrew Quilty. 

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Claudia Buck There are bullies on the playground, in the classroom and at the office. Or perhaps right beside you at home.

Making your money resolutions count


Martin Hawes Many of us try to use a new year to make the changes that we know we need to make, here's some advice on how to make sure your changes stick.


How to budget for next Christmas

No need to cut back next Christmas - all you have to do is follow these four steps.

JUSTINE DAVIES The intention to plan ahead for next Christmas tends to fall by the wayside at around the same time as the January credit card statement arrives in the mail but next year can be different with these tips to take the pressure off.

How many presents are you giving your kids this year?

Why less is best when it comes to Christmas presents.

JULIA TEEN More and more families this year are pulling back on excessive gift giving to teach children the real messages of Christmas.


Finding time to study as a parent


ANTONIA KIDMAN Antonia Kidman had wanted to study a degree for years but time, kids and circumstances got in the way, until she finally found a way to make study work for her.

Designer kidswear for hire, but at what price?


Beverly Parungao Do designer clothing rental services encourage materialism in children?


Protect yourself and your children when buying for Christmas

The new low-cost smartphone by Motorola.

Rosie Murray-West Parents may end up paying a hefty price if they don't ensure that presents for their children have the right caps and blocks in place.

Mind the money messages


Melissa Browne I believe everyone has their own ''money messages'' they carry around with them.


The gifts that keep on giving

What's mine is yours.

Christine Long More and more people are embracing a global movement that says what's mine is yours.

Mum may sue after boy, 7, hurt climbing war memorial

Seven-year-old Dre Conquest with his mother Elise at the HMAS Brisbane memorial lookout.

Kathy Sundstrom An angry mother has sought legal advice after her seven-year-old son was "scarred for life" climbing the HMAS Brisbane memorial at Alexandra Headland.

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Quality childcare creates manifold economic benefits for Australia


Lisa Bryant Women are a pesky gender. They are going along, doing their bit for the economy and being productive members of the workforce and then boom.


The best reason for not buying your child a property

Not the keys kids need ...

Richard Glover In helping your child buy a property or buying it for them are you also taking something from them?


Call for Aussie supermarket aisles

Darren Gray Should supermarkets have a designated Australian-only aisle, or aisles, to make supporting our farmers and companies easier?

Are rich families less happy?


Sarah MacDonald Sarah MacDonald on how excessive wealth can ruin children’s lives.


Should you bring your kids to work?

Is your workplace kid-friendly?

Nina Hendy Bringing the kids to work often proves a challenge for parents and workplaces alike.

When your dream home is a nightmare

When building a home makes you wonder why you started ...

Sandy Smith If you think building your own house is a passport to getting your dream home, think again.


Setting your Super on the right path

Here are seven smart steps you should take towards building up a healthy super.

Nicole Elphick Here are seven smart steps you should take towards building up a healthy super.

Feeding your family for $17 a week

Jack Monroe

Nicole Elphick How single mother Jack Monroe became the face of austerity blogging, and quite possibly, a revolution.

Working hard is now just child's play

Kai Van Lieshout 11, who start up his own business making dog biscuits. ( dog-Tilly) 13 September 2013.
The Age NEWS. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

Matt Wade, Caroline Zielinski Kai Van Lieshout is just 11, but he is already on his way to becoming a pet-food millionaire.


5 ways to save money by Christmas

How to save money for Christmas ...

JUSTINE DAVIES Stores are likely to have their Christmas decorations up and their carols on the loudspeakers any day now, making it a great time to start saving money for Christmas - here are five easy ways to make it happen.

Parental leave isn't all about money

The real problem is not working women but inequitable wages.

Julia Baird This election campaign has officially pitched tents in Topsy Turvy Land. One candidate after the other has backflipped, redoubled and channelled their spiritual opposite for the purposes of sport and spin.


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