Family Finances

Federal budget 2015: what it means for families

Justine Davies Justine Davies, Finance Editor of, provides a summary of what this year's Federal Budget might mean for families.


What we already know about the budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey and Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrive to hand down the Budget in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra.

Here is what we know so far about Tuesday's Federal budget.

Nanny program is first instalment in Morrison’s child care revamp

Scott Morrison has rejected criticism that the nannies scheme was using taxpayers money to subsidise baby sitters.

Michelle Grattan Labor has called on the government to say how it would ensure the quality of child care and protect working conditions in its $246 million two-year pilot scheme to subsidise nannies for shift workers and regional residents.

How to donate to help Nepal earthquake victims

Rescuers at the site of a Kathmandu building that collapsed after Saturday's earthquake in Nepal.

Charities have urged Australians to donate to earthquake relief efforts after thousands were killed and many more were injured when a 7.9 magnitude quake struck Nepal.

Finding your passion after children

Reinventing yourself: forging a new path post-motherhood.

Elana Benjamin Raising children and having a satisfying career seemed to be a problem with no possible solution for Elana Benjamin until it made her reassess what she really wanted.

Food challenge

Gwyneth Paltrow sparks ridicule with $38 food stamps grocery shop

Cooking up a storm: with loads of limes.

Rob Crilly Actress and healthy eating advocate takes up challenge of eating on budget of $29 a week and immediately attracts criticism for low calorie diet.

I hate being financially dependent on my husband


Patricia Tan Although her husband insists that the money he earns belongs to them both, Patricia Tan still can't bring herself to spend it.

Fears over childcare out-of-pocket costs

Childcare package: Basing subsidies on benchmark costs will leave families worse off.

Melbourne and Sydney parents fear their out-of-pocket childcare costs could jump if the federal government adopts a recommendation to set benchmark figures.

Kids and money: The bucks start here

Money wise: Teaching kids how to be smart with their finances.

Amy Joyce We all avoid it but money is probably one of the most important things we can teach our kids if we want them to have a good life.

What Tony Abbott's families package means for you

Childcare reform: Flexible, affordable and accessible.

Judith Ireland The Abbott government is hard at work on a "families package". What does this mean? Judith Ireland explains.


Cadbury to reduce the size of its family chocolate blocks to save costs


Simon Evans Cadbury, the No.1 player in Australia's $2 billion chocolate market, plans to reduce the size of its big-selling family blocks of chocolate by about 10 per cent to save costs.


Private schools spending government funds on luxury pools: Greens

John Kaye

Kirsty Needham Government funds to NSW private schools are being used to build “extravagant” facilities rather than lowering fees, a Greens MP says.

Why children think money is free, and what to do about it

Teaching kids about money: give them pocket money to spend.

Rachel Clun A recent study by the Commonwealth Bank has found young children have little understanding of where money actually comes from.

Honest cover letter gets Queensland teen noticed

Keen and honest job hunter: Connor Gerrard.

Rachel Clun Connor Gerrard has no experience, but he won't let that get in the way of getting a job.

Nutty examples of over-the-top parenting

Nutty parents ... giving children extravagant gifts they are too young to appreciate.

John Rosemond Psychologist John Rosemond questions the sanity of parents who go over-the-top with extravagant gifts and experiences for their kids.

A letter to my husband as he becomes a stay-at-home dad


Megan Blandford Here's my advice after six years of being home with the kids: how to retain a little bit of your sanity (it's the best you can hope for, I'm afraid) as a stay-at-home parent.

Creative inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

Get the kids to help you create more memorable gifts this year.

Louise Wedgewood This December, give more memorable gifts and avoid the stress and expense of Christmas consumerism.

Knackered parents in the office: how to help these poor people

Sleepless nights aren't only for parents of newborns.

Josephine Fairley Twenty-four per cent of parents polled can't remember the last time they had a good night's sleep. No wonder the number of parents that admit to falling asleep at work is one in 20.

How to take the silly spending out of the Christmas season

How to not let the number of presents under the tree get out of hand this year.

Jo Hartley We all know how easy it is to blow our budgets out of the water and end up buying big as the festive cheer takes hold. Here's how to keep control of your spending this Christmas.

Café-owner mum outraged over journo's request

Whisky Business owner Kylie Rhodes (right).

Rashida Tayabali When Queensland café owner and mum of two, Kylie Rhodes, was contacted by the Wynnum Herald for an interview on her success she didn't expect what happened next and took to Facebook to express her outrage.

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Why don't men talk openly about work-life balance?

Work-life balance is as important to men as women but why don't we hear about it?

Rex Huppke The thing I care most about balancing is work and life. That doesn't sound too revolutionary these days, but many women might find it unusual to hear me bring up work-life balance for one simple reason: I'm a man.


Foster parents need more support to care for vulnerable children

Foster parents often receive inadequate emotional and financial support.

Morag McArthur Foster carers are often not adequately supported – both financially and emotionally – to care for some of Australia’s most vulnerable children.

Time is the best investment a parent can make

For teenagers, the best long-term investment is in themselves.

Marcus Padley It's a subtle art talking to kids; it's not about telling them what to do, it's about telling them stories.

How to choose a guardian for your children

Who would you want to raise your kids if you were gone?

Dilvin Yasa It's one of the hardest tasks a parent ever has to undertake, but as Dilvin Yasa discovers, it's also one of the most important.


How my kids have made their lemonade stall a money-making success


Nova Weetman My daughter has cleverly identified poor, unassuming couples walking back and forth from the shops as potential customers. And she’s spent the last six months working out the best way to take their cash!


Family finds a way to get paid to go on weekend getaways

Claire Ferguson gave up her job to make her lifelong dream to become a pilot a reality.

Letitia Rowlands Becoming an Airbnb host might be the answer for families looking for ways to add some extra income to their family budget.

Childcare reforms provide no incentive for mothers to work more

Tax rates dissuade some mothers from working more than two days a week.

Anna Patty and Rachel Browne Mothers will continue to be punished economically if they work more than two days a week despite the Productivity Commission’s aim to improve their participation in the labour force.

Six-year-old buying pizza with dad's credit card is the cutest thing

credit card

Rachel Clun Small children love imitating adults, and it’s the cutest when they get things a little bit wrong.

Have you ever lied about your child's age?

Have you felt the need to lie about your child's age?

Catherine Rodie It’s an option most of us have at least considered, particularly when a small difference in age equates to a big difference in cost. But does lying about your child's age really hurt anyone?

The teenagers taking on eBay

Nathan and Naomi Feglin

Alexandra Cain Siblings launch a site that could be superior to the popular online marketplace thanks to one crucial difference.

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