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Why being a stay at home parent isn't a job

Kerri Sackville 5:15pm It's true that parenting is really, really hard. But is it an actual 'job'? Well, that is eminently debatable.

Buy Nothing New Month: seven ways to do it with your family

Drowning in stuff ... could you buy nothing for a month?

Megan Blandford Tired of all the stuffocation in your life? A new challenge is asking parents to give up spending for a month.


Why you should start saving (and shopping) for Christmas gifts now

Getting organised early pays off says experts.

Bethonie Butler Now is actually the best time to start planning and putting aside some cash for your holiday spending.

Should parent education levels and NAPLAN tests determine school funding?

Should parent education levels and NAPLAN tests determine school funding?

Glenn C. Savage For the first time in Australia's history, parent education levels and NAPLAN results will be taken into account when calculating funding levels.

Money-savvy children want financial literacy lessons in school

Kids want to be good with money.

ROB STOCK Kids want to be good with money, but few schools are teaching them.

Viral photograph raises $240,000 for refugee father and children

The photo that transformed their lives: Palestinian-Syrian refugee Abdul Halim Attar selling pens on the streets of Beirut with his daughter Reem.

Inga Ting This photograph and the kindness of strangers have changed the world for one refugee father and his two young children after sparking a campaign that has raised $US170,000 in less than a week.


The great pocket money rip-off

The piggy bank is filling up as Australian kids reap the rewards of generous - or guilty - parents.

Most parents give pocket money to their children, but very few of the kids do anything at all to earn it.

This teenager makes thousands simply by live-streaming videos of himself eating

Kim Sung Jin, 14, has a very respectable part-time income earned by filming himself eating.

Well, this is a career path we hadn't previously considered (but we are now).

92 creative ways to save money today

Save your cents: pack a picnic.

Nicole McDermott From shopping smart to taking care of your clothes, we've got 92 easy ways to save more money, fast.

Why I have to stop being a stay-at-home parent


Patricia Tan I'm actually filled with pants-wetting terror at the thought of re-entering the workforce. And that's why I have to do it.

Company chiefs with daughters make for kinder workplaces

Having a CEO with a daughter makes for a better place to work.

Children shape their parents' beliefs and preferences, and this has real implications for decision making at the top echelons of corporate companies.

Tony Abbott's school reform paper proposes cutting federal funding

Education Minister Christopher Pyne says the government has a particular responsibility for independent schools that it doesn't have for public schools.

Matthew Knott Free schooling in Australia may no longer exist if the Abbott government decides on radical reform, says green paper.


Would you pay $100 a year for a school parking spot?

School drop-off and pick-up: A

Catherine Rodie What is the traffic like around your child's school? For many, it is pretty dire. But is this the right solution?

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Move over Aldi, Lidl may be next for Australian market

Lidl has “no current plans” to expand to Australia but that hasn’t stopped speculation.

Gary Mortimer If speculation that German discount supermarket, Lidl, is preparing to launch into the Australian market is correct, it will be the biggest shake up in the grocery sector since Aldi's arrival in 2001.

Wealthy families ditch the nanny for the governess

Australian governess Scarlett Hyde with her Sydney family.

Eryk Bagshaw Governess services are setting up across Sydney as wealthy families in well-heeled suburbs hark back to the aristocracy in search of a "more refined" nanny service. 

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Choice finds families can cut grocery bill in half by shopping at Aldi


Marc Moncrief A survey found shoppers would spend $174.97 at Coles and $176.77 at Woolworths on a basket of typical items from leading brands. A basket of equivalent items at Aldi would cost just $87.68.

Poorest families living on less than $18 a day, finds Salvation Army report

Jason Pautowa was raised in public housing and is now a youth councillor with the Salvation Army.

Rachel Browne Australia's poorest families are regularly skipping meals and avoiding basic health care because they cannot afford it.

Tax time: Legal and simple tips to help you beat the ATO

The Tax Office will focus on unusually high work-related expense claims this financial year.

John Collett Salary sacrificing is perhaps the easiest way to minimise what the Australian Taxation Office takes.

NATSEM analysis shows poor families to be hit the hardest by federal budget while rich prosper

Family generic

Gareth Hutchens Low income families will be hit the hardest by the federal government's budget cuts finds a new analysis.


Federal budget 2015: what it means for families

Federal Budget 2015: how the announcements will impact families.

Justine Davies Justine Davies, Finance Editor of, provides a summary of what this year's Federal Budget might mean for families.


What we already know about the budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey and Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrive to hand down the Budget in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra.

Here is what we know so far about Tuesday's Federal budget.

Nanny program is first instalment in Morrison’s child care revamp

Scott Morrison has rejected criticism that the nannies scheme was using taxpayers money to subsidise baby sitters.

Michelle Grattan Labor has called on the government to say how it would ensure the quality of child care and protect working conditions in its $246 million two-year pilot scheme to subsidise nannies for shift workers and regional residents.

How to donate to help Nepal earthquake victims

Rescuers at the site of a Kathmandu building that collapsed after Saturday's earthquake in Nepal.

Charities have urged Australians to donate to earthquake relief efforts after thousands were killed and many more were injured when a 7.9 magnitude quake struck Nepal.

Finding your passion after children

Reinventing yourself: forging a new path post-motherhood.

Elana Benjamin Raising children and having a satisfying career seemed to be a problem with no possible solution for Elana Benjamin until it made her reassess what she really wanted.

Food challenge

Gwyneth Paltrow sparks ridicule with $38 food stamps grocery shop

Cooking up a storm: with loads of limes.

Rob Crilly Actress and healthy eating advocate takes up challenge of eating on budget of $29 a week and immediately attracts criticism for low calorie diet.

I hate being financially dependent on my husband


Patricia Tan Although her husband insists that the money he earns belongs to them both, Patricia Tan still can't bring herself to spend it.

Fears over childcare out-of-pocket costs

Childcare package: Basing subsidies on benchmark costs will leave families worse off.

Melbourne and Sydney parents fear their out-of-pocket childcare costs could jump if the federal government adopts a recommendation to set benchmark figures.

Kids and money: The bucks start here

Money wise: Teaching kids how to be smart with their finances.

Amy Joyce We all avoid it but money is probably one of the most important things we can teach our kids if we want them to have a good life.

What Tony Abbott's families package means for you

Childcare reform: Flexible, affordable and accessible.

Judith Ireland The Abbott government is hard at work on a "families package". What does this mean? Judith Ireland explains.


Cadbury to reduce the size of its family chocolate blocks to save costs


Simon Evans Cadbury, the No.1 player in Australia's $2 billion chocolate market, plans to reduce the size of its big-selling family blocks of chocolate by about 10 per cent to save costs.


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