Family Finances

Time is the best investment a parent can make

Marcus Padley It's a subtle art talking to kids; it's not about telling them what to do, it's about telling them stories.

How to choose a guardian for your children

Who would you want to raise your kids if you were gone?

Dilvin Yasa It's one of the hardest tasks a parent ever has to undertake, but as Dilvin Yasa discovers, it's also one of the most important.


How my kids have made their lemonade stall a money-making success


Nova Weetman My daughter has cleverly identified poor, unassuming couples walking back and forth from the shops as potential customers. And she’s spent the last six months working out the best way to take their cash!


Family finds a way to get paid to go on weekend getaways

Claire Ferguson gave up her job to make her lifelong dream to become a pilot a reality.

Letitia Rowlands Becoming an Airbnb host might be the answer for families looking for ways to add some extra income to their family budget.

Childcare reforms provide no incentive for mothers to work more

Tax rates dissuade some mothers from working more than two days a week.

Anna Patty and Rachel Browne Mothers will continue to be punished economically if they work more than two days a week despite the Productivity Commission’s aim to improve their participation in the labour force.

Six-year-old buying pizza with dad's credit card is the cutest thing

credit card

Rachel Clun Small children love imitating adults, and it’s the cutest when they get things a little bit wrong.

Have you ever lied about your child's age?

Have you felt the need to lie about your child's age?

Catherine Rodie It’s an option most of us have at least considered, particularly when a small difference in age equates to a big difference in cost. But does lying about your child's age really hurt anyone?

The teenagers taking on eBay

Nathan and Naomi Feglin

Alexandra Cain Siblings launch a site that could be superior to the popular online marketplace thanks to one crucial difference.

Parenting when your partner works away

Dealing with distance.

Kym Campradt When my husband broached the subject of working away from home for periods of time, I was nervous to say the least. With two boys, how would each of us cope?


Top 7 last-minute tax tips

Tax time

Justine Davies Does anyone enjoy doing their tax return? Here are a few simple things to help reduce the stress of tax time – as well as hopefully boost your return.

Happy Animals Club: the journey

Happy animals ClubClick for more photos

Nine-year-old Ken's journey from feeding stray dogs on the streets of the Philippines to creating his very own no-kill animal shelter.

9-year-old boy raises enough money to start own animal shelter

Happy animals club

Rachel Clun Nine-year-old Ken from the Philippines has created his own club: the Happy Animals club.

Five fathers start charity to support families facing cancer

Anthony Lenza

Rachel Clun When Anthony Lenza’s two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia, he knew he needed support but it is what he did next that is making a profound difference in the lives of many families supporting kids with cancer.

When your family is struggling financially

When things are tight ... How much should you burden your kids with?

Thuy Yau How open should you be with your children about your money problems when you are struggling financially?

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Poorest families to pay more than wealthiest in budget


Tom Allard Poorest 20 per cent of Australian families will pay $1.1bn more into government coffers than the richest households as a result of the budget.


Brooklyn Beckham gets a weekend job in London coffee shop

Brooklyn Beckham is learning the value of hard work.

Livia Gamble David and Victoria Beckham are teaching their eldest son the value of hard work, with 15-year-old Brooklyn reportedly holding down a job as a barista in a London coffee shop.


Federal Budget 2014: What the changes mean for parents

Aussie dollar reaches new four-month high (Thumbnail)

Justine Davies Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has handed down his first Federal Budget and Tony Abbott's government of "no surprises" has proven that it does indeed have a few small "gotcha" moments in store. According to the government, the budget contains more structural reform than ever before ... but what does it mean for parents?

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Would you donate leave to colleagues with seriously ill children?

Is donated leave the answer for parents of seriously ill children?

Rachel Clun A law was passed in France last week allowing workers to gift time off to colleagues with sick children – and an Australian mum is calling for a similar law to be passed here.

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How do working parents manage school holidays?

How do working parents juggle school holidays?

Alexandra Cain As kids returned to school this week I could feel the sense of relief in the air and it caused me to once again question how full-time working parents manage child minding in the school holidays.

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5 things to teach your daughters about money

Lessons for a brighter future.

Justine Davies What lessons would you like to pass on to your children? Here Justine Davies shares the ones she has learnt about money.


Should your new partner help support you and your children?

How much do you expect financially from your new partner?

Linda Moon Negotiating money and finances in a new relationship is tricky enough, but doubly so when you have dependent children to bring into the mix.

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The cost of raising kids


Jo Hartley No one can deny that raising children is an expensive business. Is the rising cost causing people to reevaluate whether or not they can afford to add to their families?


Are you a workaholic?

Working yourself into the ground?

Cosima Marriner For recovering workaholics, the risk of crossing the line back into unhealthy work habits lurks.

Cate Blanchett buys unit on harbour as investment for sons

Cate Blanchett with her children

Lucy Macken Cate Blanchett and her husband, Sydney Theatre Company artistic director Andrew Upton, have spent nearly $2million on a waterfront apartment in Elizabeth Bay.


How to build an emergency fund

How to stop spending and start saving

Sooner or later, you may need to dip into funds for an unexpected emergency. Whether your car breaks down or your laptop goes on the blink or worse still, you find yourself without a job, money set aside for a ''rainy day'' will help you keep your head above water.

Why you need a will and how to prepare for one

If you have a young family you have one very good reason to get your will finalised as soon as possible.

Cassy Small As parents we’d do anything in our power to protect and provide for our children. That’s why writing your will should stop lingering on your to-do list.

Man goes without sex for a year for charity that saves children from sex slavery


Jill Stark By his own admission, Pete Lynagh was ''completely shallow''. Picking up women was his thing. Weekends were a blur of parties, clubs and one-night stands.

First coin minted for 2014: Teen camps out for five nights for coin

Harley Russo briefly holds his coin before having it framed.

Karen Hardy There aren't too many 14 year olds who would knock back an easy $2000 but Harley Russo did just that on Wednesday, preferring instead to hold on to the first coin minted in 2014.


Financial bullying can hurt couples

Performance Review. Performance review staged generics.10 September 2007. 

Photo by Andrew Quilty. 

Generic  performance review, boss, HR, human resources, bullying, workplace, harasment. SPECIALX 70710

Claudia Buck There are bullies on the playground, in the classroom and at the office. Or perhaps right beside you at home.

Making your money resolutions count


Martin Hawes Many of us try to use a new year to make the changes that we know we need to make, here's some advice on how to make sure your changes stick.


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