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My Food Bag teams up with Youth Off The Streets to help feed the hungry this Christmas

Giving the gift of food this Christmas to those who need it most.

7-year-old ballet dancer defies odds after being told she'd never walk again

Determined to keep her promise, Olivia learns to dance.

Livia Gamble Olivia Careless was two years old when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2009 but the young girl was determined to keep her promise: to learn to dance.

Why I’m afraid of turning into my mother

The struggle of being raised by an abusive parent.

Patricia Tan Plagued by her mother's rage, Patricia Tan is determined to find a better way of coping with her anger.

What we learnt from the most viral parenting videos of 2014

Mike Carey showed dancing with your daughter is a beautiful thing.

Rachel Clun Some of the best lessons in life can be arguably learnt with the help of other parents. Namely, other parents on YouTube.

Family creates impressive 'Let It Go' Christmas light display


Livia Gamble A Texas family have created an hour long light display to the beat of 'Frozen's' Let It Go.

Watch a little girl dance up a storm in New York subway

Dancing in the street: Little girl starts a hoedown in New York subway.

Livia Gamble This video of a little girl dancing in the subway will make you smile.

Should married people have friends of the opposite sex?

Famous best friends ... Leonardo Dicaprio gave Kate Winslet away at her third wedding in December 2012.

Ariane Beeston Do you and you partner have a no-friends-of-the-opposite-sex policy? Or, like Ariane Beeston, would you find such a rule stifling and lacking in trust?

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How to allergy-proof your home


Livia Gamble Allergy-proof your home with these 7 tips and keeps dust mold to a minimum.

Why more dads don't work part-time

Hanging with dad ...

Angela Tufvesson Many dads would like to swap a day or two in the office each week for childcare responsibilities but what is holding them back?

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Five-year-old-girl explains to her mum how a cow got inside


Livia Gamble A five-year-old girl explaining to her mum how a cow got inside their home will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Missing teen found hidden behind a wall after four years

The rescued boy boy is  reunited with his mother.

A 13-year-old US boy who had been reported missing four years ago was discovered alive, hidden behind a fake wall of a house near Atlanta, Georgia, and reunited with his mother early on Saturday, police said.

Mum of six abandons children for six-week holiday


Amber Robinson We’ve all dreamed of running away from home some days, but this mother actually did.

Can a name really influence a child's personality?


Livia Gamble Can a name really influence a child's personality?

Family tries to save pet from village's new ban on pit bulls


Jessica Plautz This article first appeared on Mashable.


More fathers are heading to the kitchen after work

More dads taking on dinner duty.

Rachel L. Swarns Planning the family meal after a long day at work isn't just a women's issue, more and more men are taking on the challenges of juggling hectic work schedules and family dinners.


Mum decorates lunch bags with amazing drawings

cat320Click for more photos

Christy Kilgore goes above and beyond when it comes to making her kid's lunch memorable. Every day she sends her two kids off with a custom made lunch bag. Click through the gallery to see some of her amazing lunch bag designs.

Here's what great marriages have in common

Four qualities of a great marriage.

Dr. Gregory Ramey What makes a marriage a great one? Psychologist, Dr. Gregory Ramey shares the four things he has discovered that all great marriages have in common.

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Spider-Dad surprises terminally ill son for his 5th birthday


Brian Koerber Mike Wilson wanted to make his son Jayden's birthday extra special this year.


As far as my role as bedtime reader goes, I've been made redundant


Rachel Halliwell When her youngest daughter calls time on their bedtime reading ritual, Rachel Halliwell realises a wonderful chapter in her own life is also coming to a close


Holding on to your identity while you parent

Losing yourself in parenting ...

Katherine Kenny It is easy to lose yourself in parenting but there are ways to maintain your identity while raising kids - whether that be keeping one foot in your career or making time for friendships.

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Blue Mountains bushfire at Warrimoo


An out-of-control fire is burning in bushland near a school in the Blue Mountains.

Daughter photoshops herself into mother's childhood

photoshop-320Click for more photos

Danielle Delph, an art director living in Portland, wondered if her and her mother would have been friends if they grew up in the same time. Rather than dwell over the answer, the 25-year-old came up with the idea to Photoshop herself into her mother's childhood photos. To view more work from Danielle, visit her website.

Daughter photoshops herself into mother's childhood photos


Livia Gamble Danielle Delph, an art director living in Portland, wondered if she would be best friends with her mum if they grew up at the same time?

Susannah Constantine's 10-year-old daughter pictured smeared with blood on her first duck hunt

Cece Bertelsen hunting with a friend.

Amber Robinson Dead poultry is not the most fashionable accessory, yet that's just what the daughter of television's Susannah Constantine has been pictured posing with - replete with smudges of blood down her face.

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John Lewis unveils new Christmas ad


Tim Chester Like it or not, Christmas is coming early to London. Now UK department store chain John Lewis has kicked off its own countdown by unveiling its traditional festive advert.


Father catches his daughter's kidnapper in the act


Livia Gamble A US father has stopped a man attempting to kidnap his daughter from their home as they slept.

Playmate recalls Anne Frank: the girl behind the icon


Joseph Berger Eva Schloss, a playmate of Anne Frank's in Amsterdam remembers an 11-year-old who hopscotched, shot marbles, gossiped and talked so much her friends nicknamed her "Miss Quack Quack."

Apparently we'll never get sick of 'Apparently Kid'


BRIAN KOERBER Apparently the year 2014 will go down in history as the year Noah Ritter stole the Internet's heart.


US mother arrested after throwing her autistic son off a bridge

London McCabe.

Livia Gamble Relatives said Jillian suffered a mental collapse due the many challenges she faced.

Watch: Kids are more comfortable in their own skin than adults


Livia Gamble A new video released by the Jubilee Project, will inspire you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.


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