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New campaign: It's OK for boys' to wear pink

LIVIA GAMBLE The simple message a new social media campaign, #freetowearpink, is sharing.


Lone male

Don't feel sorry for me because I have daughters


CHRISTOPHER SCANLON Since the birth of his second daughter six weeks ago, Christopher Scanlon has had a steady stream of pity come his way.

Dealing with family chaos

When a band-aid isn't enough to fix the situation.

Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen It helps to have a good sense of humour and a plan when you're faced with unforeseen problems that throw your family into chaos.


Mother's loving note to her gay son has gone viral


LIVIA GAMBLE After 13-year-old Connor revealed his sexuality to his parents, his mother wrote him a letter so that he would always have "something tangible to hold onto", if he ever needed it.

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Nannying: It's not just babysitting

The Nanny, Cecily Laing

MIKI PERKINS When people see Cecile Laing ferry her young charges to school or swimming, many assume she's a babysitter. But there's a bit more to it.


Kids' room inspiration

Decorating a room for your little person is one of the nicest things you can but it's very easy to over do it. Here's some inspiration to get you started.

The key to styling a kid's bedroom


LIVIA GAMBLE It is all too easy to go overboard when decorating your child's bedroom but stylist, Megan Morton is here to share her top five tips.


Four-year-old Annabelle Earl asks 'Can I be your flower girl?'


LIVIA GAMBLE Devastated that she couldn’t have a unicorn, Annabelle wished she could be a flower girl instead.


When parenting styles come between friends

When friends judge your parenting style it can break the bond.

CAROLYN TATE Friendships can be easily broken when different parenting styles cause ongoing friction.


US father claims African kingdom so his seven-year-old daughter can be a princess

Anything for you darling: Jeremiah Heaton and his seven year-old daughter, Princess Emily, show the flag.

LIVIA GAMBLE Jeremiah Heaton from Virginia claimed a “kingdom” between Egypt and Sudan so that his seven-year-old daughter, Emily, can be an actual princess.


Christmas in July for 6 people under $35


DANIELLE COLLEY Planning on celebrating Christmas in July? Here is how to throw a delicious dinner party for six that won't break the budget.

Why I love school holidays

Making the most of school holidays.

Nova Weetman People shake their heads in disbelief when Nova Weetman tells them she loves school holidays. Here is why she chooses to cherish the moments they offer.


4-year-old boy kicked out of restaurant for not following a 'Gentleman's dress code'


LIVIA GAMBLE When four-year-old Lewis Roberts dressed himself, his parents thought he did a pretty good job but Lewis was later kicked out of a restaurant for his attire.


Child beauty pageant stars

A look at what children competing in US child beauty pageants go through to win the coveted pageant tiara in 'Toddlers and Tiaras'.

Watch: Cute father and daughter duo sing 'My Roots Go Down'


LIVIA GAMBLE An adorable video of a father singing a duet with his four-year-old daughter has gone viral.


12 household products you should never have to buy

Homemade products

Andrea Romano Give your dollar a good stretch while keeping you and your home happy and healthy.

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Kids from same-sex families fare as well as peers or better


Simon Crouch It’s often suggested that children with same-sex parents have poorer outcomes because they’re missing a parent of a particular sex. But research my colleagues and I published in the journal BMC Public Health shows this isn’t the case.


When your child chooses to live with your ex

Is this the toughest rejection?

Paul Mitchell Now that Paul Mitchell's daughter has chosen to live with his ex, he wonders if he'll ever get over her absence.

Why parents should ditch date night

date night

PAUL CHAI The most overrated dating ritual of our time and why we should let it go.

Watch this boy's amazing Lady Gaga performance


Watch this boy carve it up on the dance floor to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance for his school recital.


Bullied teen to meet Google bosses


Jo Moir Being a "white, weak, Christian" kid made Angus Slade an easy target for bullies at school.


Sharing kids' cancer journeys online


Kara Yorio When 4-year-old Angelina Phillips-Edelman was wheeled out of surgery attached to machines, with tubes coming out of her and her hands restrained to the bed, her mum felt compelled to document the moment.


New speeding ad shocks viewers into slowing down


LIVIA GAMBLE This advertisement depicts one of the most tragic consequences of speeding and it will stun you into thinking twice before inching over the speed limit.


FIFA 2014 World Cup party food for kids

How to party FIFA style with the kids.

DANIELLE COLLEY If you and the kids are getting in on the FIFA World Cup action we have the perfect way to celebrate in the kitchen with two tasty football inspired recipes.

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How to slow down fast-paced families

How do you find more time to rest and thrive as a family?

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN Is your fast-paced family life taking its toll on you and your kids? Here is how fatigued families can slow it down.


Nearly one in 10 kids under 10 left home alone

During school holidays, 5.6 per cent of children under 10 and nearly one in 10 of 10- to 12-year-olds are without supervision.

Fleur Anderson Almost 9 per cent of children under 10 are “latch-key kids”, looking after themselves while their parents work.


Kindergarten boy pens breakup note to his girlfriend


After only a month of dating, DeLandren decided to call it quits with his girlfriend Krystal in a heartbreaking - in a cute way - letter


Mini food adventures

minimiamClick for more photos

Since 2012, professional food photographers Akiko Ida and Pierre Javell, have been shooting their Minimiam series. Minimiam - Miam is French for yum - captures miniature figurines playfully adventuring within a land of giant food. To see more of the Minimiam series visit their website.

A colouring book craze to ease stress


Judith Woods examines the stress relief that childish things can bring.


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