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Elaborately decorated Easter eggs

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The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World has gone above and beyond when it comes to celebrating Easter this year with their elaborately decorated Easter eggs. It took master Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek and nineteen pastry chefs three weeks to make the 18 eggs and the best part is they are all edible.

5-year-old girl hugs the Duchess of Cambridge


Wilma McCorkindale Pint-sized Dunedin dignitary Mataawhio Matahaere-Veint was told never touch a royal, but the 5-year-old "princess" isn't one to let a chance go by.


A camp for gender-non-conforming boys


David Rosenberg The four-day camp gives boys who do not conform to gender a chance to shine.


Meatless Mondays a budget boost

Budget benefits of going meat-free once a week.

Richard Meadows How cutting back on meat is good for your health and your wallet.

Australia best place in the world for youth wellbeing


LIVIA GAMBLE According to a new index on the well-being of global youth, Australian youth enjoy the highest levels of well being, followed by Sweden and South Korea.


Refining the art of giving meals as gifts

Cooking for family and friends

KRISTY KOMADINA If you love cooking a meal for a family or friend in need but struggle to find the right meal and how to best manage the logistics here are some handy tips from Kristy Komadina.


Cotton On Kids new home range

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This April, Cotton on Kids will launch one of its most exciting product categories yet – its first children's bed linen and room range. The collection, in a burst of print and color, includes a range of stylish and fun sheet sets, reversible quilt covers, cushions, printed paper lanterns, removable chalk boards and other decorative home accessories. All styles are designed to be mixed and matched- inviting kids and parents to explore their creative side and transform any bedroom into a space to dream, play, sleep, invent and most importantly have fun.

Dying dad walks 11-year-old daughter down aisle

Making memories of a moment they will never get to share in the future.

Get your tissues out for this video of a dying man sharing a special moment with his 11-year-old daughter.

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Stunning pictures of a girl growing up in Africa

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Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré is the daughter of French wildlife photographers and filmmakers Sylvie Robert and Alain Degré. Born in Namibia in 1990, Tippi spent the first ten years of her life travelling the world with her parents. This is where she was able to interact with some of the world's most feared animals.

Do you keep your kid's teeth?

What mementos do you hold on to from your child's life?

Bianca Wordley What items, including the ones grown by your child, can you not bear to part with? For Bianca Wordley it is her wee covered pregnancy sticks but other than that she claims to be ruthless.

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Introducing your kids to a new partner

How to ease your child into meeting your new partner.

Robyn Doreian How should you introduce your new partner to your children? The experts suggest you take baby steps.

13-year-old Olive Bowers calls sexism on the surf industry

Olive Bowers

JASON STEGER At 13 Olive Bowers knows exactly what she does and doesn't like about surfing. Best is catching a clean wave in the summer; worst is some of the sexism that still lingers in the sport.


Top 5 reasons for "mummy guilt" and how to combat them

The curse of

Rashida Tayabali The majority of us face "mummy guilt" at some stage over a range of parenting issues but how do we overcome it?


Hilarious kids' test answers

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Although incorrect, we think these kids should get points for creativity when it comes to answering questions they aren't sure of.

Parenting is not about being fair

In a perfect world I would treat all my kids the same ...

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS The problem I have with parenting advice is that it advocates a One Size Fits All approach that rarely works. Because in parenting, one size rarely even fits most.

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Teacher stood down after Facebook rant about student who committed suicide


MEGAN LEVY A Darwin school teacher has reportedly been stood down after an alleged Facebook rant about a student who had killed himself a day earlier. The post described the teenager as being a "bully" and a "disrespectful little brat".


A proposal for a new Australian flag


John Blaxland As we know, there’s a divide between those who would support a new Australian flag and those who believe the current flag is fine. But why do we need a new flag?

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Mother shames daughter on the internet, teaches herself a lesson


LIVIA GAMBLE In an attempt to show her daughter how quickly a picture can spread over the internet, one mums “lesson” quickly backfired.

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20 ways my kids make my heart sing

Is it time to remind yourself of why you love being a parent?

BIANCA WORDLEY Are you stuck in a parenting rut? Spending more time thinking about the drudgery of parenting rather than the joys? Bianca Wordley needed to remind herself of the latter - here is her list.


Powerful short film reveals life of a child in foster care

ReMoved Nathanael Matanick

KATIE CARLIN ReMoved is a powerful, must-watch short film that takes us inside the inner turmoil of a child who has been taken from her abusive home and put into foster care.

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British police search for lone intruder in Madeleine McCann case


British detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are looking for a lone intruder who sexually abused five girls during break-ins at holiday homes in Portugal.

Doodles brought to life

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Marty Cooper brings his cartoon characters to life using sharpies and whiteout. Drawing them on transparent film, the storyboard artist takes them out into the world and photographs the mischief they get up to. Head over to his Tumblr to see more of his work.

How to become a less hypocritical parent

Parenting makes us all hypocrites ...

Paula Sirois Call it stretching the truth or little white lies or whatever you wish, but the facts are the facts.

Sara's life as a stepmother to McGrath kids

Sara Leonardi-McGrath shares her journey as a stepmum.

JO CASAMENTO US-born Italian Sara Leonardi-McGrath is probably the nations most famous stepmother.

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Do you constantly feel overwhelmed?

Generic pic of a working mother.

Petula Dvorak Are you constantly stealing time between other commitments to get more ticked off your to do list and never actually taking time out?


Kids that do yoga

Yoga kidsClick for more photos

Posting perfect yoga poses with their children mimicking them, these yoga-loving mums are garnering a lot of interest on Instagram.

Brett Peter Cowan found guilty of Daniel Morcombe's murder

Brett Peter Cowan, the man accused with murdering Daniel Morcombe

Marissa Calligeros A jury has found Brett Peter Cowan guilty of the murder of 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe.

Meeting your partner's kids


Meeting your partner's kids for the first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Here is some advice from the experts.


Three-year-old, Emily James, donates hair to cancer patient


LIVIA GAMBLE Three-year-old Emily doesn't want anyone getting upset about not having hair. What comes next is a no-brainer for Emily.


Father takes beautiful portraits of kids as they grow

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Alain Laboile, French photographer and father of six, has captured beautiful portraits of his kids as they have grown up. Starting out as a sculptor, Laboile didn't find his passion for the lens until he had to create a portfolio. From there his family became his subject, a realistic depiction of their atypical lifestyle. To see more of Alain Laboile's work visit his website.

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