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Boy, 7, has important message for Prime Minister Tony Abbott about being selfish

Livia Gamble Seven-year-old Zen was supposed to be in bed asleep when he burst through the door telling his parents he had a message for Tony Abbott.

Brothers recycle birthday card for 42 years

Livia Gamble The card was first bought by her father Jeff Methier to give to her uncle, Ron Methier on April 1, 1973 for his 22nd birthday.

Tennessee man promises childhood sweetheart second wedding after car accident robs her of her memory

Livia Gamble They first met when they were ten and 11 at Sunday school. Rekindling their friendship in high school Jeremy Stamper, 21, and his wife Justice dated for 11 months before getting engaged.

The secret to making your fresh produce last

Storage is key: Keep your food fresh for longer.

Casey Seidenberg Just a few days before, I had placed mountains of fresh vegetables and fruits in the fridge, only to return to wilted leafy greens, moldy berries, limp carrots and squishy eggplant.

Sydney mum abused as a child, vows to change the foster care system

Rebekah King.

Livia Gamble Sharing her horrific experience of the New South Wales foster care system, a Sydney mum is determined to "change things."

Jimmy Kimmel asks kids what they think about gay marriage, adorable responses

Livia Gamble Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to the streets to find out what kids think and know about same sex marriage.

Allen's discontinuing classic lollies from their confectionery line

Allen's discontinue classic lollies.

Livia Gamble Despite the selling power of nostalgia, Allen's are taking a different approach.

Mother pens heartbreaking letter to missing son in hope it will lead to his return


Livia Gamble A mother from Poland is pleading with the public to help her find her "baby boy" after he was taken from their home in January.

Things only kids growing up in the 90s would understand

Did you grow up in the 90s? Here are 50 classic memories from your childhood that will take you back.

Queensland teen crowdfunding future home on the Gold Coast


Livia Gamble A Queensland teen is thinking outside the box when it comes to buying a home.

13 kids who can fall asleep anywhere

sleep320Click for more photos

One of the greatest things about being a kid is the ability to fall asleep - anywhere.

10-year-old gives birthday presents away to kids with cancer


Livia Gamble There were presents at Abby Grubbs' birthday party, but they weren't for her.

Health Check: what bugs can you catch from your pets?

What bugs can you catch from your pets?

Vincent Ho Household pets are often a great source of joy and have positive effects on our mental well-being. For most of us, this outweighs the risk of coming into contact with any bugs they may carry.

Watch: Spider seemingly pops out of banana

Watch: Spider pop out of a banana.

Is there anything worse than a mushy banana? Yes. Definitely.

WA: Child escapes after man tries to abduct him from Perth backyard

Police on the scene after an eight-year-old boy was kidnapped in Perth

Livia Gamble A man may have tried to abduct an eight-year-old boy from the backyard of a home in Perth's southern suburbs.

Grieving three-year-old writes letter to dog receives mystery reply from 'doggie heaven'

Three-year-old receives mystery reply from dog in doggie heaven.

Livia Gamble Luke Westbrook's dog Moe passed away in April and with the help of his mum the pair had been writing him letters, until they received one back.

Missing teenage girl Clancy Ellis was a victim of cyber bullying on

Missing schoolgirl Clancy Ellis

Photos: Facebook

Harriet Alexander A teenage girl who has gone missing on the north coast was bullied on a social networking website that has been linked to teen suicides overseas.

Six-year-old steals the show tap dancing to Aretha Franklin

Six year old steals the show dancing to Aretha Franklin.

Livia Gamble A six-year-old girl from North Carolina has become an internet sensation after a video of her performing a sassy tap dance routine went viral.

Confessions of a single mother

Single motherhood: Comes with its fair share of challenges.

Miriam Porter I actually find comfort in knowing I am not the only one in the world raising a child alone.

Hero bus driver foils kidnapping, saves three-year-old

Hero busdriver saves boy from being kidnapped.

Livia Gamble When bus driver Tim Watson saw a man and a boy board his bus that fit the description of a wanted man by police his parental instincts kicked in.

Mother thanks shop assistant for calming Down syndrome son, goes viral

Mother's thank you note goes viral.

Livia Gamble A mother has expressed how grateful she is after a shop assistant comforted her seven-year-old son who has Down syndrome.

Owen Clune: Missing teenager found safe and well at Caulfield train station

Owen Clune with his mother Bronwen.

Marissa Calligeros Missing Melbourne teenager Owen Clune has been found safe and well after being missing for three days.

Eight-year-old boy grows hair for charity despite being teased

Christian McPhilamy

Livia Gamble Nothing could deter Christian McPhilamy from achieving his goal.

Nine-year-old builds mobile homes for the homeless

Hailey Fort builds homes for the homeless.

Livia Gamble At first glance you might think nine-year-old Hailey Fort is building a cubby house but in actual fact, she is building a house for a homeless man named Edward.

When riding with Dad my kids get a 'real' musical education

When driving: Dad is in control of the music.

Michael T. Dolan At some point in time, somewhere between the departure of Hannah Montana and the arrival of Miley Cyrus, my kids got the mistaken impression that I am their disk jockey.

Growing concerns for safety of missing Malvern East teenager Owen Clune

Missing teenager Owen Clune

Concerns for a Malvern East teenager who failed to turn up to school on Tuesday and is still missing.

The real reason why stay-at-home dads are 'lucky'

The luck of the stay-at-home dad.

Megan Blandford In the four months since her husband became a stay-at-home dad, Megan Blandford has learnt a lot of lessons but the toughest one has been letting go of the guilt.

Teen posts message on Craiglist, looking to rent family for birthday

Natalie Carson is looking to rent a family for her birthday.

Livia Gamble A Colorado teen posted a message on Craiglist offering $8 an hour to a family to be hers for a day.

Watch how a herd of elephants react to calf collapsing on the road

Herd help baby elephant.

Livia Gamble A video has emerged showing the moment a baby elephant collapses while crossing the road in South Africa.

Watch how these kids react to strangers dropping their wallet

Watch how kids react to strangers losing their wallet.

Livia Gamble A video showing Japanese children reacting to a stranger dropping their wallet will restore your faith in humanity.

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