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How to declutter your home

Kylie Orr 2:59pm Is your home overflowing with toys, paper, and kids' clothes you have been avoiding all term? Here is how to feel like an organisational wonder these school holidays.

Grave fears for brothers missing on NSW far north coast, father in police custody

Jayden and Joseph Brady have been missing since Sunday morning.

Rachel Olding Police hold grave fears for the welfare of two brothers who were abducted by their father on the far north coast on Sunday morning.

Watch: 9-year-old girl sing an emotional version of Bill Withers' 'Lean on Me'


Livia Gamble Nine-year-old Grace Lee has blown away hospital staff with her beautiful singing voice at a recent fundraising event for Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital.


Top 10 regrets heard from parents

How not to regret your parenting choices.

Dr. Gregory Ramey Here are the top ten most commonly heard regrets from parents and how to take a healthier approach to parenting.

Michigan dad shames his four-year-old son for hitting a girl


Livia Gamble Rob Devine made his stand stand on the side of the road holding a sign saying, "I hit girls."


Violent words, not just deeds, leave a lasting mark on our kids


Jayashri Kulkarni Violence comes in many forms, as a UNICEF report on children’s experience of violence around the world reaffirmed only last week


How parents can prevent and deal with bullying


Sheryl Hemphill Parents are one of the most influential factors when talking about bullying - in that they are the most likely to be able to prevent it.


Not sandwiches again: three different lunchbox ideas


Danielle Colley As a kid I used to hate sandwiches with a passion. If you want to mix up your lunch box repertoire why not try these fast and yummy ideas?


Girl, 8, dies after falling from ride at Royal Adelaide Show

The Air Maxx 360.

An eight-year-old girl has died after being thrown from a ride at the Royal Adelaide show.

Families shocked by gummy mix-up

dragon sweets

A confectionery company is dealing with a sticky situation after penis-shaped gummy lollies made their way into some of its packs.

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Outrage as Thermomix release surprise new model


Lisa Visentin The suburbs of middle Australia are seething with outrage after a cult kitchenware company neglected to inform its customers of the arrival of its latest model appliance.

Bullying at home


Bullying has been linked to worse health later in life, and new findings from the UK suggest that's also true when the bullies are a child's brothers or sisters.


How to stay connected while away


Meghan Leahy One of my dearest friends will be leaving her family during the week (home on weekends), every week. She has a dream job; it is a huge opportunity. But her three kids are feeling different degrees of worry.


Most awesome kid ever really doesn't care about meeting obama


Andrea Romano OK, mum and dad, you met the president. Can we get ice cream now? Ugh.


Search for father after woman, three children shot dead near Wagga

Kim and Geoffrey Hunt with children Phoebe, Mia and Fletcher.

Emma Partridge and Patrick Begley Kim Hunt almost died in a horror car crash two years ago. Now she and her three children are dead.


A mother's dance between hope and despair


Julia Watson Julia Watson hopes she gets to see her eldest daughter start high school - but feels despair at the possibility that she might not get the chance.

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When your child isn't the cuddly kind


Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Kerri Sackville's tried and tested techniques for sneaking a hug.


Is Pinterest making kids' birthdays harder?

Baking a child's cake isn't what it used to be.

Elissa Griesser Pinterest, Facebook and the internet in general have upped the ante when it comes to parenting.


Child models showcase childrenswear at Kids Fashion Week

Meika, is already one of the country's top models.

Carolyn Webb Meika Woollard is 10 years old, and she is one of our top child models. This week Meika and other child models will star in The Little Runway, the main event for the inaugural Kids Fashion Week, held to showcase the fashion industry's growing children's sector. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to children's charity Project Dovetail.


'He’s a humble individual': Andrew Gaze wins Father of the Year

Australian Father of the Year, Andrew Gaze with his wife Melinda and with his children, from left, Phoebe, 18, Maison, 13, Annie, 15, and Courtney, 20.
5th September 2014
Photo: Wolter Peeters
The Sydney Morning Herald

Rachel Clun This year, basketball legend Andrew Gaze has another trophy to add to the cabinet: Australian Father of the Year.

Queensland dad's birthday shout-out goes viral


Livia Gamble As kids' we all want to be showered with gifts on our birthday but when one dad posted a call-out asking people to help celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday, he never anticipated the response.


New film The Human Experiment and the toxic household chemicals that may be having a devastating effect on our health

The Human Experiment

Amber Robinson Could the toiletries and cleaning products in our homes such as bubble bath, deodorant and spray cleaner be behind hormone disruptive disorders, eczema and allergies?


Why parents should be reading as much as kids

Why parents should make time for reading.

Ariella Van Luyn We often discuss the importance of encouraging kids to read and share their thoughts about the books they love but reading socially can be as beneficial for adults as it is for kids.


10 unsettling face swaps

faceswap320Click for more photos

This first appeared on Mashable. If your worst fears involve a giant baby, look no further. While most people scour Reddit and Imgur for face swaps to get a good laugh, there are a few very special creations that just make you want to crawl into a dark place and never come out. You have been warned. Just remember to hug your loved ones before you crawl into the abyss.

18 unromantic proposals that walk down the aisle of shame

This article first appeared on Mashable. Some marriage proposals are a meticulously planned, romantic masterpiece. Others involve a ring made out of chicken. Even if your proposal isn't everything you dreamed of, just remember: It's only the beginning of the journey. And if that's not reassuring, at least you didn't accidentally eat your engagement ring inside of a cupcake. (Unless you did, in which case we are so sorry.) Secret-sharing app Whisper collected anecdotes of some of the saddest and funniest marriage proposals ever.

Number of children not seen by DOCS has increased


Anna Patty The latest state government figures show the number of vulnerable children at risk of serious harm who are not seen by a Department of Community Services caseworker has increased to a record 53,151 in NSW.


Watch: Dads teach other dads how to do hair


Livia Gamble Most dads weren’t brought up with hair styling experience. Luckily, there’s an abundance of Youtube videos to help them out.


American kids eat vegemite, react with absolute disgust


Jenni Ryall It is the most Australian thing you can eat, yet these American kids can't hide their disgust at trying Vegemite for the first time.

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Father's Day gift ideas

ek-dadsgifts-thumb-tieClick for more photos

As the first weekend in September rolls around again, we are here to help with some great gift ideas for dad.

'Snowplough' parenting and other unhelpful parenting labels

Parenting style

Catherine Rodie Have you heard of “snowplough parenting”? It is the latest in a long line of parenting labels adopted by experts to describe different child-rearing behaviour.

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