Family Home

Packing up for a move with kids

Megan Blandford I’m in the process of moving my family 300 kilometres away from where we’ve always lived. This is exactly as exciting and nerve-wracking as it sounds, but the prevailing mood around here is that of pure chaos.

Amazing backyard pools

lunchClick for more photos

Amazing backyard pools and water play areas to beat the summer heat (N.B. most photos are not from Australia and do not adhere to the Australian safety laws for pool safety).

As children go back to school, parents face great lunch box challenge

Imogen Taylor enjoying a healthy lunch.

Natasha Boddy As children across the country start returning to school on Monday, parents are faced with the dreaded task of another year of packing the school lunch box.

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My daughter's 'a different type of perfect'

Kelly Dugan with his daughter Lucia.

Kelly Dugan I have a child with special needs. I am that guy, we are that family.

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Boy describes his 'mind blowing' first kiss


Livia Gamble First kisses can be awkward and tricky to navigate but for this young boy it was "just so mind-blowing".

Photographer creates photo series using everyday items

jan320Click for more photos

Photographer Jan von Holleben's latest photo series captures dragons and giraffes but the images aren’t what they seem. Each image is made up of items around the home as well as with the help of some kids. The series, is von Holleben’s biggest yet and involved 230 kids playing up to 25 different characters. The images were produced for his book, titled KONRAD WIMMEL IS IN TOWN, which will be released in February. To view more of von Holleben’s work visit his website.

Have you been storing food in your fridge all wrong?

Does your fridge look like this?

Saffron Alexander Why you should banish tomatoes, onions and eggs from your fridge - and store champagne there instead.

A young girl's video message to her friend is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings

Violet tells her friend Juni she's going to Disneyland.

Livia Gamble Dressed as Cinderella, Violet tells her friend she is going to Disneyland.

Father attempts to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive


Livia Gamble A father in India has been accused of burying his ten-year-old daughter alive because she was a girl.

Mum draws incredible characters on lunchbox napkins

dailynapkins/InstagramClick for more photos

American mum Nina Levy draws amazingly bright and detailed pop-culture characters on napkins for her two sons. She posts pictures of her creations on Instagram, and on her blog

Parents undermine trust of children with secret surveillance

Is this helicopter parenting at its worst?

Joanne Orlando The business of putting children under surveillance is booming and there is there's now an arsenal of tech devices for parents to keep a virtual eye on their offspring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But at what cost?


Flower girl weds ring bearer 20 years later


Livia Gamble They were three-year-olds when they first walked down the aisle together, 20 years later, Brittney Husbyn and Briggs Fussy did it again.

The unflattering side of parenting

best-case-320Click for more photos

US photographer and mum, Danielle Guenther created a photo series that she says captures the beauty of parenting, even the unflattering sides.

'Best Case Scenario', US photographer captures the unflattering side of parenting


Livia Gamble US photographer and mum, Danielle Guenther created a photo series that she says captures the beauty of parenting, even the unflattering sides.

Canberra dog put down amid confusion at pound

'It's just really traumatic because we rescued him from the pound after we lost our son': Buddy's owner Demi McKay.

Emma Kelly Losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking moments in any animal-lover's life. Knowing you could have saved them might just be worse.

5 things parents think are normal but actually aren’t

How has your

Megan Blandford Has your "normal" changed since having kids? Have you been met with looks of amusement or disgust from (usually non-parent) people when you do any of the following?

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Positive relationship between father and son is twice as likely, study


Livia Gamble A UK poll found healthy father-son relationships are on the rise.

Experts warn against 3D glasses


Livia Gamble Taking your kids to the movies is an easy form of entertainment but Optometry Australia is warning parents against 3D glasses.

7 ways my relationship improved after having children

Kids made us stronger.

Thuy Yau Our marriage has had its fair share of tests but as we raise our three children, we understand now that a relationship can not only survive such challenges, but come out even stronger.

Parents, let's resolve to declutter, eat better and live better in 2015

Happy and healthy ...

Amy Joyce We spoke to a professional organiser, a meal planner and a parent educator about how to hit the restart button on our parenting lives.

US Parents recognise their kids on the news and turn them in to police


Livia Gamble Two teenage brothers are facing charges for robbing a store after their parents turned them in.

Fashion dads of Instagram

The daddy (fashion) bloggers taking Instagram by storm, one flannelette robe at  a time.Click for more photos

What happens when unfashionable dads create an Instagram account to pose as fashion bloggers?

Teen cancer patient receives thousands of dog pictures to cheer him up


Livia Gamble As 16-year-old Anthony Lyons receives treatment for leukemia in hospital, visits from therapy dogs cheer him up, but they don't come every day.

'Because I am a man', boys react to being asked to slap a girl

Italian boys say no to violence against women.

Livia Gamble Highlighting the issue of violence against women, Luca Lavarone gathered young Italian boys between the age of seven and 11 and introduced them to a girl named Martina who was a similar age and asked them to slap her.

Santa caught on film by young boy

Evan was delighted when he realised he had caught the big guy in the red suit on film.

Letitia Rowlands When seven-year-old Evan wanted to find out the truth about Santa he knew exactly who to call on for help - his big brother.

Family group miss doomed AirAsia flight QZ 8501 in 'Christmas miracle'

Christianawati and her husband Ari Putro Cahyono after missing flight QZ8501.

Michael Bachelard With grave fears held for the safety of a missing Air Asia plane, 10 people are counting themselves very lucky.


The parenting lesson it took me a decade to learn

No matter how good a run you're having remember not to get smug.

Kylie Orr I’m into my eleventh year of parenting and although far from an authority, I’ve experienced a smorgasbord of childhood behaviours, parenting styles, predicaments and quandaries - but I keep reminding myself of this one thing.

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How to turn down holiday tension


Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen Does your family tension rise during the holiday season? You know how this goes. Everything from pressure-filled holiday events to overspending can cause quarreling.

Not all parents like kids


Sarah Macdonald Some parents may actually only love their own.


Young boy saves $120, buys lunch for the homeless


Livia Gamble Posting the story on IMGUR, a Houston-based user said his son came up with the idea to help the homeless.


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