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Number of children not seen by DOCS has increased

Anna Patty The latest state government figures show the number of vulnerable children at risk of serious harm who are not seen by a Department of Community Services caseworker has increased to a record 53,151 in NSW.


Watch: Dads teach other dads how to do hair


Livia Gamble Most dads weren’t brought up with hair styling experience. Luckily, there’s an abundance of Youtube videos to help them out.


American kids eat vegemite, react with absolute disgust


Jenni Ryall It is the most Australian thing you can eat, yet these American kids can't hide their disgust at trying Vegemite for the first time.


Father's Day gift ideas

ek-dadsgifts-thumb-tieClick for more photos

As the first weekend in September rolls around again, we are here to help with some great gift ideas for dad.

'Snowplough' parenting and other unhelpful parenting labels

Parenting style

Catherine Rodie Have you heard of “snowplough parenting”? It is the latest in a long line of parenting labels adopted by experts to describe different child-rearing behaviour.

Toddler caught chocolate-faced, still denies eating a doughnut


Livia Gamble Her face is covered in chocolate, on her chin and around her mouth, but despite the evidence, Emma Meaux claims she absolutely did not eat one of the missing donuts.


11 DIY Father's Day gifts that are way better than a tie


Andrea Romano There comes a point where store bought gifts just don't do justice to how much you love your dad. So pay him back with something straight from the heart for Father's Day.


Three ways with lamb shanks


Danielle Colley Enjoy the colder weather with these three hearty lamb shank recipes before the nights warm up.

11 love notes from kids

love-note-320Click for more photos

These days it's all Facebook and texting but the art of writing a letter is not dead yet. Here's 11 of our favourite love notes penned by a bunch of hopelessly romantic kids.

Girl's wish to take her terminally ill dad to Disney Land comes true


Livia Gamble Strangers have come to the aid of 5-year-old Ruby Myles and her wish to take her terminally ill dad to Disney Land "before the angels took him away."


Are self-cleaning ovens worth it?


Carolyn Boyd When you consider the hours saved scrubbing the oven, not to mention the fact there's no need to use nasty cleaning sprays ever again, the extra dollars could just be worth it.


The impact one small campaign had on indigenous children in Northam

Kicking on: The Trindalls, from left, Tarquin, Lachlan and elder brother Kaleb.

Michael Gleeson Lachlan and Tarquin had difficulty connecting with other kids in their area but that soon changed after they both received a pair of donated footy boots.


Things no one tells you about being a single parent

Single parenting

Andie Fox Including what it's like to have an ex you can't move on from.

Three-year-old survives 11 nights in the Siberian wilderness


Livia Gamble A three-year-old Russian girl has survived 11 days and nights in Siberian taiga, an area known to be full of dangerous predators, including bears and wolves.


Mum creates back-to-school campaign with a difference


Livia Gamble Although Katie Driscoll's daughter has Down syndrome, she still goes back to school like everyone else. But none of the back to school ads included children like four-year-old Grace.


When Mum is beyond blue

Raising a family while living with depression ...

Patricia Tan One mother's raw and honest account of living with clinical depression and how it impacts the people you love most.

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Family violence response must tackle all forms of abuse


Rosemary Purcell and James Ogloff The term “domestic violence” typically conjures images of physical assaults perpetrated by men against women and children in the home. But beneath the tip of the iceberg of severe violence lie a myriad of other damaging behaviours, including psychological and financial abuse, and emotional manipulation.


9-year-old boy fights an alligator, lives to tell the tale


Livia Gamble A nine-year-old boy has survived an alligator attack by “hitting it a couple of times”.


10 DIY air fresheners to make your home smell good


Andrea Romano t's time to wake up and smell your house. In a good way.



Teenagers under 16 too young to be home alone

Teens under 16 years not old enough to be left home alone?

Deborah Gough Your 15 year old is set for a shock: by law they are required to have parental supervision until their next birthday.

15 minute meals: Broccoli pesto pasta with walnut and pancetta crumble

Broccoli Pesto Pasta with Walnut and Pancetta Crumble

Danielle Colley Do you never have enough hours in the day? This delicious meal can be on the table in 15 minutes flat so if that doesn't help we don't know what will.

Dating as a single parent

How to navigate dating as a single parent.

Jo Hartley What’s it like as a single parent stepping back out onto the dating scene? Does it change things immensely, or is it just a case of simply taking up where you left off?


Bad parents given 12 month deadline under new vulnerable child protection rules

vulnerable children

Henrietta Cook, state political reporter Parents of children who have been removed from abusive homes will have 12 months to turn their life around or their children will be placed in permanent care, under new Napthine government rules.

Mum creates elaborate hairstyles for her twins

hair-thumbClick for more photos

Mother of three, Jill Ehat has set a new standard creating some elaborate hairstyles for her twin girls.

Mum creates elaborate hairstyles for her twins


Livia Gamble One mum has set the bar high with an Instagram account that documents the elaborate hairstyles she creates for her twin girls.


Taylor Swift's surprise visit for 6-year-old boy with Leukaemia


Livia Gamble Never too busy for her fans, Taylor Swift has taken time out of her busy schedule to serenade six-year-old Jordan Lee Nickerson.


Couple photographed together as children 11 years before they met


Livia Gamble Newlyweds discover they were photographed together as children 11 years before they met.


Do you give each other the silent treatment?

Communication breakdown ...

Sharon Jayson The cold shoulder is the most common way people deal with marital conflict but it could spell ruin for the future.


Sad farewell service for Maslin children at Scotch College

Evie, Mo and Otis Maslin and their grandfather Nick were killed on MH17.

Staff reporters More than 1000 people attended a memorial service for three Perth children and their grandfather killed on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

How 'normal' is your sex life?

Finding time for sex after kids are in the picture.

Rachel Clun Different workloads, changes in libido and having children can all impact on the amount of sex you get during any given month but how much sex is normal and how do you find time to prioritise intimacy?

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