Expert camping tips

Rob Dempsey Coleman's Rob Dempsey knows a thing or two about camping. Here are his picks for where to camp in Australia these holidays and what to pack!


Tips and advice for travelling with teens

Holly O'Sullivan:

Tracey Spicer Taking teens travelling need not be all worry and no fun for parents or children, writes Tracey Spicer.


A cruising family holiday has all the right ingredients for fun

An all-inclusive family escape you wan't regret taking.

Amber Robinson Imagine a holiday where someone else cleans your bathroom and makes your bed – twice a day - for two weeks. A holiday where every meal is prepared for you, every dish taken away. Need I mention the free on-site childcare?

Global travel from the comfort of your home

Seeing the world without the travel.

Catherine Rodie Can't afford to take your kids on a year-long overseas adventure? Well, here are our tips on how to bring the world to your kids when you can't take them there.

Family cruising with Voyager of the Seas

Family cruising with Voyager of the Seas

Twins create London's first cereal cafe

For cereal: Identical twin brothers are opening a cereal cafe in London.

Tim Chester Have you ever found yourself out on the town and hankering for a bowl of Lucky Charms? If so, you're in luck: The city's first cereal cafe is set to open next month.

Awesome water slides

ek-waterslides-thumbClick for more photos

As the weather warms up, we may have found a collection of the most amazing waterslides all over the world including Australia.

Five reasons to use Airbnb for your next family holiday

All the benefits of home on holiday.

Linda Anderson We travel with three young children, which is a challenge when trying to find suitable and affordable accommodation. Our trip to France was my first Airbnb experience and it did not disappoint. Here are five reasons our family will be using Airbnb again.


What to do in Paris with children

Exploring Paris with kids ...

Tracey Spicer If you think Paris is only for lovers Tracey Spicer is here to tell you why it is a great city to visit with kids.

London hotel serves up Harry Potter-style rooms

Spend a night in Hogwarts: The Wizard Chambers at the Georgain House Hotel London.

Natalie Paris Next time you're in London, why not relive the the Harry Potter magic by spending the night in a wizard's chamber?

Me-time experiences on cruises

Why you won't be 'stuck' with the ones you love on a cruise.

Sheriden Rhodes Cruising offers parents plenty of me-time, with kid’s clubs and endless fun activities to ensure young guests are entertained around the clock.

Am I allowed a child-free holiday?

Patricia Tan With her husband often away on work trips, Patricia Tan has been the parent that remains home with the kids but when her husband added a four-day holiday to his next trip, instead of letting resentment grow she decided to book her own.

Mum who survived 17 days in Qld bush recalls ordeal

Shannon Leah Fraser was missing for 17 days near Cairns.

Shannon Fraser waded through a crocodile-infested river and consumed nothing but dirty creek water during a 17-day ordeal lost in rugged bushland.

Crazy activities on cruise ships

royalcaribbeanblog.comClick for more photos

Forget lounging by the pool, here are some of the best activities you can do on a cruise.

10 crazy things you can do at sea

Rachel Clun These days cruise ships aren't merely vessels to take you to and from exotic port locations, and in fact modern liners have a range of crazy and fun activities for kids and parents alike that can be done onboard.

Top tips for families going to Dreamworld

How to get the most out of Dreamworld with the kids.

Kylie Orr If your planning an escape to the sunny Gold Coast with the kids and Dreamworld is on your list then here are eight tips for getting the most out of the theme park.

Top ten tips for surviving long haul-flights with kids

Long haul flights can feel even longer with kids.

Linda Anderson The thought of spending 24 hours trapped on a plane with a small child or three is enough to turn many parents off travelling with kids but it doesn't have to with these top 10 survival tips.

Why every family should have a bucket list

Is having a bucket list a key ingredient to a happy family?

Catherine Rodie There is one very compelling reason for families to start a bucket list and here is how you do it.



Ten things dads want to do on family holidays

Dads: They're just 12-year-old boys at heart.

Daniel Scott Here are 10 things to keep dad happy when planning your next family holiday.

Australia's 'big things'

The Big Watermelon.Click for more photos

You've heard of The Big Banana, and the Big Pineapple? Here are a few more of the famous and not so famous big things around Australia. Happy Travels.

Five airline fails when it comes to kids

young boy looking out of aeroplane window

The key to flying with children is distraction. And that's exactly where airlines are getting it wrong.

Twenty-five top Australian family holiday spots

ek-ausdestinations-thumbClick for more photos

Sure, Fiji and Bali are popular, but Australia has a wealth of wonders on its doorstep. Here are a few of the best.

Taking a gap year with the kids

More parents giving kids the gap year of a life time.

Jo Hartley Why more families are packing up their kids and travelling the globe for a gap year abroad or on the road.

8-not-so-magical secrets as told by a former Disney princess

What it is really like to be a Disney princess.

Max Knoblauch Former Disney princess reveals what it is really like to work at the happiest place on earth.

Polish mum shares beautiful photos of her family playing in the countryside

summertime320Click for more photos

In her photo series, titled 'Summertime', Polish photographer and mother, Izabela Urbaniak captures beautifully what it was like for her family to spend a summer in the countryside without technology. "These pictures represent summer without computers and TVs - only idyllic nature and playing children," she wrote on Bored Panda. To view more of Urbaniak's work visit her website.

New South Wales

Fancy a slumber party at IKEA? Now you can

IKEA Tempe

Annie Dang Need a place to stay? Why not spend a night at IKEA for free. You won't even need an Allen key.

Mama Holiday

Caravanning with the grandparents

Three generational family gathered around table playing card game

Tracey Spicer A bumper sticker I once saw sums it up perfectly: 'Adventure before dementia.'

A family trip to Cambodia is built for adventure

Pic Paul Chai pic
Angkor Wat

Paul Chai Its brutal past cannot be denied, but a transforming Cambodia can be a magical place for kids.


Tourist warning: Spider-Man, Elmo and Iron Man

A person dressed in a Cookie Monster costume stands with a boy in the Times Square region of New York.

New York police have begun handing out fliers to tourists in Times Square telling them that tipping the costumed superheroes and children's characters who pose for photographs is optional, and to call the 911 emergency number if they have complaints.

PM hits out at shocking images of boy holding a decapitated head

Sydney boy

Latika Bourke, Megan Levy Prime Minister Tony Abbott has condemned the shocking image believed to show a Sydney boy holding a decapitated head in Syria, saying that it shows the “barbaric” nature of the terrorist organisation the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.

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