Parents who lost all three children in MH17 disaster issue heartbreaking tribute

LUCY CORMACK Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris have released a statement addressed to "the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, our friends and family."


Children playing around the world

playing-thumbClick for more photos

No matter the cultural background, children playing is a universal image. Here's 20 beautiful pictures of children playing around the world .

Mama Holiday: Families can be hit hard with travel related scams


TRACEY SPICER Families can be hit hard with travel related scams because (a) we travel in a group and (b) we're restricted to certain times of year. So a scam can leave us out of pocket, with no holiday and no hope of rescheduling.



Country holidays: Australia's best farm stays

Tuppenny Farm, VIC

SHERIDEN RHODES Rolling green hills, the early morning crow of a zealous rooster, fresh country air and the thrill of collecting freshly laid eggs are part and parcel of the farm stay experience.


Things to do while parked

When you can't face another moment waiting in the car ...

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS Between school pick-ups and after school activities, play dates and parties, you can spend hours each week just sitting in your parked vehicle waiting for your offspring.

When mothers travel solo

Woman on rocks with girl

ANDIE FOX At least once a year, I pack up my two children and we drive away from my job and the house. We stay somewhere cheap and peaceful, in the company of other mothers and their children.

Would you holiday without the kids?

Getting away without the kids has some benefits.

JO HARTLEY Travelling with kids is never quite as relaxing as it is without them but could you leave them at home or would the guilt be too much?

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5 problems travelling with kids and how to solve them

Marvelling at the hotel view.

BIANCA WORDLEY Bianca Wordley shares the lessons she learnt from travelling overseas with her husband and three young children.


Discover a winter paradise in tropical Townsville


SHERIDEN RHODES The often overlooked tropical city of Townsville in far north Queensland packs a mighty surprise for families, writes Sheriden Rhodes.

4 Schoolies trips that are teen and parent-approved


Tiffany Dunk Once in a lifetime schoolies experiences your teen will remember for all the right reasons and you will actually approve of.

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11 Disney Princess inspired locations you can stay

castleClick for more photos

Quit wishing you were a part of Disney's world and make it a reality on your next getaway. shared some villas, towers and even castles where you can fulfill your dreams of living like a Disney princess. This post first appeared on

Cook Islands

Why you need to visit the Cook Islands with kids

cook islands

Amanda Collis No doubt most people have heard of the South Pacific nation of the Cook Islands. But compared to some of its island neighbors, visitor numbers reflect a destination that is yet to be fully embraced by Australian families.

Jolie-Pitts couldn't get enough of this Aussie attraction

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie reveals the one family activity she couldn't get enough of while in Australia filming 'Unbroken' earlier this year.

Life swap: Three families on a mission to make a difference

sl t

Josefa Pete talks with three families who swapped their lives in Australia to become volunteers in countries less fortunate than their own.


Lego Travellers tour the world

lego travellersClick for more photos

Craig and Lindsey, originally from Scotland, have toured the world photographing their tiny Lego counterparts. Now living in Australia the couple have photographed their Lego alter-egos at all the major tourist attractions around the country.

Dream comes true for disabled boy carried into Grand Canyon

Anthony Castle on a specially designed wheelchair in the Grand Canyon.

Elissa Koehl Family, friends, firefighters and strangers came together to help 14-year-old Anthony Castle achieve what seemed like an impossible dream. In doing so, they may have made the most unusual, but special, hike down the Grand Canyon.

Family cat saves boy from dog attack

Pet cat saves boy from dog attack (Thumbnail)

Jennifer Chaussee A California child pulled from his bike by an attacking dog was saved by his family's cat on Tuesday, which quickly rushed in and attacked the dog, a video posted on YouTube showed on Wednesday.

Should kids get discounted plane tickets?


JANE E FRASER Qantas recently announced that it is doing away with concessions for children and seniors on its domestic flights, here's why one mum thinks kids' should pay full price for travel.

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Why I'm a camping convert


CATHERINE RODIE When Catherine Rodie's husband suggested they take the kids camping for the weekend, she wasn't thrilled with the idea. But despite her initial reluctance, she's now a camping convert.


Teen survives flight from California to Hawaii in aircraft wheel

A 16-year-old boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii is loaded into an ambulance.

Joseph Serna A teenager from San Jose Hawaii stowed away in the left rear wheel of of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 is luck to have survived.


Lion King musical cast surprise passengers on plane with impromptu song

Inflight entertainment doesn't get much better than this.

KATIE CARLIN Passengers on board the Virgin Australia Flight 0970 from Brisbane to Sydney were treated to a once in a lifetime experience when the cast of The Lion King the musical spontaneously broke out into a rendition of 'The Circle of Life'.

Idyllic country family getaway

Tuppenny Farm, Heathcote, Victoria

SHERIDEN RHODES This gorgeous farm stay in central Victoria harks back to simpler times and offers kids the chance to experience country life, writes Sheriden Rhodes.

Treasures of Tuppenny Farm

Tuppenny Farm is owned by landscape architect Paula Kilpatrick and finance executive Antony Elliott.

Mama Holiday

How to take an Easter break with the kids


TRACEY SPICER Depending on the age of your kids, Easter can be a tricky time of year.



Family cruising holiday to remember


AMBER ROBINSON Amber Robinson and family find an island to treasure while cruising the south Pacific.

Apps to keep kids entertained on holidays

kids tablet ipad

TRACEY SPICER Are their enough apps to entertain kids long enough to make them less annoying while on holidays?

Bindi Irwin backlash over SeaWorld partnership

Bindi Irwin

Peter Mitchell A US-based animal rights group has blasted Bindi Irwin’s decision to enter a partnership with US marine theme park company, SeaWorld.

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The danger in Bangkok is real and tourists need to know

Anti-government protesters on the streets in Bangkok.

Lindsay Murdoch After living through a night of gun battles across the Thai capital Lindsay Murdoch is telling Australians what our government’s is failing to do.

The one thing camping gives modern-day kids

The freedom found in camping.

Nova Weetman If you have been reluctant to get back into camping since having kids here is one very good reason why it is great idea.


How to tame your teenagers

Girls looking at map

TRACEY SPICER 'Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young," someone once said.


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