Mum bakes incredible Hulk Princess cake, dad gets all the credit

Dad gets the credit for Hulk Princess cake.
Dad gets the credit for Hulk Princess cake. Photo: Supplied

When a Toronto mum posted a picture of the Hulk Princess cake she made on Reddit, everyone assumed she was a man based on her user name. 

Although Lainie Elton doesn't mind her husband, Brian Elton, receiving all the credit, she said it is ironic that "... the conversation the cake has sparked is about neutralising gender-stereotypes."

The cake was created at the request of their four-year-old twins for their birthday.

Dad takes the cake for Hulk Princess.
Dad takes the cake for Hulk Princess.  Photo: Supplied

Posting a picture of the cake on Reddit with the user name, NobodyLikesASmartAss, Lainie wrote: "My 4-year-old twin girls wanted a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday. So I made one!"

The Huffington Post credited the amazing "dad" for rising to the challenge of giving his daughters their cake of choice.

Meanwhile, E News wrote: "We're not sure who is more badass: the dad for making it or the little girls for asking for something so awesome in the first place."

Brian said he has taken a few baking courses in his time and offers Lainie some advice when needed but, "aside from providing some extra whisking muscle, it was all her."

That said, the idea for the cake can only be credited to the twins.

"We were in the car on our way somewhere and I asked the girls what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday party.


"One of them yelled out 'a hulk princess cake!!!' the other totally agreed and the idea for how to make it just came to me. There was a she-hulk cake photo on Pinterest that I used for inspiration."

The cake took six hours to make, but it paid off.

The kids "totally loved it," said Lainie.

"No one could believe I made it myself."

Similarly, the reaction on social media has been just as positive, with most commenters agreeing Hulk is the "best Disney princess."