Party Preparation

22 top tips from a master cake baker

Mihiri Udabage The 'cake fail' is almost a rite of passage for every new parent but with these 22 tips you can avoid it.

Why birthday party outsourcing is worth celebrating

Indoor trampoline venue Bounce hosts up to 350 birthday parties every weekend around Australia.

Lucy Battersby If the thought of a dozen kids running through the house demanding entertainment is overwhelming, join the growing number of families outsourcing parties entirely.

Parents reveal their AWW birthday cakes

1-ek-aww-cakes-thumb2Click for more photos

As an Aussie kid it was a rite of passage that each year would be marked by a birthday cake baked for you from the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cakes cookbook. Parents are still baking these birthday beauties for their kids today. Here are 72 birthday cakes made with love and inspired by the famous cookbook Photos submitted by members of Facebook group : The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake book is awesome
You can add your birthday cake photos here!

Parents send detailed list of pre-approved gifts for son’s first birthday party

Entitled parents: Reddit user, razz32 uploaded the detailed email.

Kerri Sackville If you stray from the list make sure you include the receipt, otherwise you will basically be "throwing away money".

When poor etiquette ruins a kid’s birthday party

Party etiquette: have we let our manners slide?

Linda Moon Children’s parties have become big-ticket events, meaning not turning up isn’t a trivial matter.

Would you ever ask a birthday party no-show to pay you back?

Dads as good as mums at planning birthday parties.

Mary Ward This parent did... and now they're threatening legal action.

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Why I outsourced my son's birthday party

Want to avoid party chaos? Outsource.

Jo Hartley Would you outsource your child's birthday party? Jo Hartley tells us why she decided to pass the baton to the experts this time around.

When dad plans the party

Dads as good as mums at planning birthday parties.

Heidi van Dort It may not happen often, but it does happen. Somewhere out there right now, a dad is planning a birthday party for his child.

Halloween face painting for kids

ek-facepaint-halloween-thumbClick for more photos

If you after some face painting inspiration for Halloween we have a collection of tutorials and images to inspire the artist in you. Get out your powder, eyeliner, and sponges and practice these today.

When should you leave your child at a birthday party

At what age can kids be left at birthday parties?

Donna Webeck Do you still stay with your child when they attend birthday parties? Donna Webeck does, but her apparent unexpected attendance at a recent party left her wondering if her child is old enough to be left with the host.

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Garden themed birthday party

Creating a garden-inspired party is as simple as this.Click for more photos

All the inspiration you need to throw your own garden themed birthday party for your son or daughter.

10 stages of attending children's birthday parties

Birthday party chaos guaranteed.

Ariane Beeston Here are the ten stages of attending children's parties that every parent can (or soon will) relate to.

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Businesses cashing in on kids' parties

Businesses are tapping into parents' desire to give their children the very best party.

Gayle Bryant Is it OK to turn your kid's party into a festival? The Kardashians and now many Aussie parents certainly think it is.

10 easy kids' party food ideas


Here are 10 great simple ideas for party food - some to prepare the day of the party, others to prepare ahead of time.

Why birthdays don't have to be expensive

Making birthday memories has very little to do with dollars spent.

Thuy Yau It is easy to get caught up in the desire to give your kids the best of everything but here is why presents and parties aren't needed to make a child's birthday memorable.


Birthday traditions for kids

Here are some ideas for birthday traditions to start in your family to help celebrate and make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special.

Why I banned presents at my kids' birthday parties

Would your kids still have fun without presents?

Alison Bradshaw Are birthday parties for kids without presents the equivalent of pubs without beer for adults? Find out what happened when this mother banned presents at her kids' parties.

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1.3m people 'like' boy's Facebook birthday surprise

Colin's smile couldn't be brighter.

Melody McCabe A mum in the US started an amazing Facebook page for her almost 11-year-old son, after he told her he didn't want to have a party because he had no friends.


Great cake expectations

rabbit-320Click for more photos

There's two types of people when it comes to cakes, the cake "makers" and the cake "eaters". On one hand, the "makers" will be inspired by these masterpieces, the "eaters", however, will be left with serious cravings. Take a look at these amazing cake creations.

Forcing parents to invite entire class to parties

How forced invites backfire ...

David Keatley Why expecting parents to invite their child's whole class to their birthday party is a bad idea for kids.

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The social minefield that is a child's birthday party


As a head teacher advises parents to include the whole class in birthday celebrations, Anna Maxted delves into the social minefield that is a modern child’s party.


Taking kids' parties too far?

Kids birthday parties

Maria Guido When did parties for our kids turn into another way for mums to stress out, yearn for perfection and think they are not doing it right?

Comments 13

Can we go back to plain birthday cakes?


Saman Shad When did your child's birthday cake become a point of judgement on your parenting skills? Saman Shad longs for the days when a Sara Lee cake sufficed and parties were judgement free.

Comments 26

Seven years of Suri


Seven years ago today recently engaged superstars, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their first and only daughter together, Suri Cruise, into the world.

Which celebrity kids celebrate their birthday this month?


Everyone loves a birthday and we couldn't let the year go by without wishing all the celebrity kids out there a very happy birthday.

Feeling the kids' party pressure?


Megan Doherty Some parents will spend an awful lot on their little darling's birthday.


Mother bakes snake cake for daughter's birthday, cake goes viral

Snake cake

Staff writers Francesca Pitcher created a special birthday cake for her reptile mad, six-year-old daughter: a cake so real it 'freaked out' the party guests.

Comments 6

Amazing snake cake

Snake cakes: be inspired by these creepily realistic confections

Party planning tips for parents


Louise Fulton Keats Louise Fulton Keats shares her tips on how to pull together the ultimate at home birthday party without the stress.

Show us your party!

pirate themeClick for more photos

Our readers are a creative bunch and they especially like to throw a good birthday party for their kids. If you would like to show off your own party throwing skills simply submit your pictures here or if you are looking for some inspiration browse through these very talented submissions.

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