Party Preparation

1.3m people 'like' boy's Facebook birthday surprise

Melody McCabe A mum in the US started an amazing Facebook page for her almost 11-year-old son, after he told her he didn't want to have a party because he had no friends.


Great cake expectations

cake-thumbClick for more photos

There's two types of people when it comes to cakes, the cake "makers" and the cake "eaters". On one hand, the "makers" will be inspired by these masterpieces, the "eaters", however, will be left with serious cravings. Take a look at these amazing cake creations.

Forcing parents to invite entire class to parties

How forced invites backfire ...

David Keatley Why expecting parents to invite their child's whole class to their birthday party is a bad idea for kids.

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The social minefield that is a child's birthday party


As a head teacher advises parents to include the whole class in birthday celebrations, Anna Maxted delves into the social minefield that is a modern child’s party.


Taking kids' parties too far?

Kids birthday parties

Maria Guido When did parties for our kids turn into another way for mums to stress out, yearn for perfection and think they are not doing it right?

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Can we go back to plain birthday cakes?


Saman Shad When did your child's birthday cake become a point of judgement on your parenting skills? Saman Shad longs for the days when a Sara Lee cake sufficed and parties were judgement free.

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Seven years of Suri


Seven years ago today recently engaged superstars, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their first and only daughter together, Suri Cruise, into the world.

Which celebrity kids celebrate their birthday this month?


Everyone loves a birthday and we couldn't let the year go by without wishing all the celebrity kids out there a very happy birthday.

Feeling the kids' party pressure?


Megan Doherty Some parents will spend an awful lot on their little darling's birthday.


Mother bakes snake cake for daughter's birthday, cake goes viral

Snake cake

Staff writers Francesca Pitcher created a special birthday cake for her reptile mad, six-year-old daughter: a cake so real it 'freaked out' the party guests.

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Amazing snake cake

Snake cakes: be inspired by these creepily realistic confections

Party planning tips for parents


Louise Fulton Keats Louise Fulton Keats shares her tips on how to pull together the ultimate at home birthday party without the stress.

Show us your party!

pirate themeClick for more photos

Our readers are a creative bunch and they especially like to throw a good birthday party for their kids. If you would like to show off your own party throwing skills simply submit your pictures here or if you are looking for some inspiration browse through these very talented submissions.

Six years of Shiloh

thumbClick for more photos

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt celebrated her sixth birthday on May 27, 2012 and to celebrate Essential Kids looks back over the past six years of the cover stars jet-setting life.

Princess Isabella turns five

isabellaClick for more photos

See the latest pictures of the Danish princess, Isabella, in celebration of her fifth birthday.The cute daughter of Crown Prince Frederik and Australian-born Crown Princess Mary is growing fast.

A birthday party makes the difference

(right) 5 yr old birthday girl Miri Hurwitz with best friend (left) Poppy Katz.

Louise Schwartzkoff WHILE some five year olds celebrate their birthdays with jumping castles, fairy floss machines and pony rides, Miri Hurwitz's birthday party was a simpler affair. Her mother, Beverley, booked a party at a community kitchen in Bondi where the children baked biscuits to give away.

Party Preparation

Putting together a perfect party bag!


Justine Davies When was it that party bags became the de rigueur way to conclude a birthday celebration?

Party Preparation

Tips for a stress-free kids party


JUSTINE DAVIES The words: “stress-free” and “party” don’t usually belong in the same sentence, of course. Not when it comes to kids’ parties, anyway.

Party Preparation

Overcoming party shyness


Justine Davies Party invitations can be a source of anxiety for shy children, here are some tips on how you can ease them into social settings and help them overcome their fears.

Party Preparation

Taking the cake


Elisabeth Lambert When it comes to having your cake and eating it too, the birthday child and their friends are seriously happy they can wolf it down and have seconds without fear of retribution. And if the cake takes the form of a favourite animal or character, that’s simply an added bonus.

Party Preparation

Party games for rainy days!


JUSTINE DAVIES You can choose the food, the friends, the venue and the decorations - but no matter how much effort you put into planning your child’s birthday party, the one thing that you cannot control is the weather.

Party themes for boys and girls

Kids parties

So often birthday party themes are split down gender lines but as a mum, and particularly when your kids are very young, it can feel a little arbitrary doing a “traditional” girls’ or boys’ party theme.

Whose party is it anyway?

Birthday girl

Kylie Orr For my eldest son's first birthday, my husband suggested we find a babysitter and go to the pub. The child would not know the difference and we needed to celebrate the fact we were still alive.

We don't want kids at our party


JUSTINE DAVIES DH's 40th birthday party will be dressy, catered formal party. We sent out the invites with a “no children” request, but my friend is really offended.

Party Time!

Joh Baker Dowdell

Joh Baker-Dowdell My eldest son, Noah, turned three on Friday and we celebrated with presents and a low-key dinner at home. On Saturday our house was overrun with almost 50 people for his party. What do you do for your children’s birthdays?

Party time - are siblings invited?

EB blogger Joseph Kelly

Joseph Kelly I’ve always found kids parties a bit of a minefield. What to bring, how to dress the kids, what sort of present to get are all issues to negotiate even before getting to the party. If one of the kids is invited to a party, can I bring their sibling?

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