No-sugar party bag ideas for children's birthdays

Party bag swaps ... bubbles are a great alternative to sweets.
Party bag swaps ... bubbles are a great alternative to sweets. Photo: Getty

Children's birthday parties can be somewhat of a minefield with overexcitement, sugar overload and catering for allergies. They're certainly a rite of passage for children and a whole lot of fun we would never want to deny them, however the much-maligned take-home party bag is a source of frustration for many parents trying to limit their child's sugar intake.

We've put together a whole host of healthy take-home gift ideas for young party guests, which will make both parents and kids happy.

  • Fill a reusable Kids Konserve Sandwich Wrap ($10.70 for two) with popcorn.
  • Have the birthday child paint a small canvas for each guest to take home.
  • Make a no-sew superhero cape - see tutorial here.
  • Craft a home-made bunting - provide some removable wall hooks. See a tutorial here.

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  • Make a rainbow of clear-wrapped playdough balls - each guest to choose one or two balls to put in a take-home bag.
  • Make these healthy mini muffins - they are dairy, nut and egg-free but do contain honey.
  • Buy colouring in books and a small set of pencils.

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  • Bag up some Tropical Sand Dough.
  • Include a bouncy ball, spinning top, ring, bangle, crayons, glowsticks.
  • Give each child a small container of bubble liquid.
  • Have each child create their own craft piece to take home - some ideas here.
  • Make a small craft kit for each guest - some suggestions for contents include paint, glue stick, glitter, paper plates, pipe cleaners, cellophane, icypole sticks, stickers, paper, beads, string, googly eyes, toilet roll tubes.

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