21 kebab recipes of fun food on a stick

Food is better on a stick.
Food is better on a stick. Photo: Pete Evans

Kebabs or food on a stick is a way of getting kids interested in trying different foods. Sometimes its just the novelty of something cooked on a skewer, easy to cook, easy to hold, easy to eat that piques their curiosity. 

Here we have compiled a great list of a variety of kebab recipes, including easy party starters, main meal fillers and fancy fruity snacks. 

1. Sausages snakes on avocado-potato mash
Kids will love this easy, healthy meal.

Photo: goodfood.com.au

2. Falafel skewers with hommus & tabouli
Serve with warmed pitta bread

Photo: goodfood.com.au   

3. Pork and lemon meatball skewers
Give steak a barbie break: Pork and lemon meatball skewers.

Recipe: Neil Perry | Photo: William Meppem

4. Prawn and chorizo sausage skewers
Something on a skewer makes great eating when standing and these are the only menu item that needs to be cooked at the last minute.

Recipe: Jeremy and Jane Strode | Photo: Jennifer Soo

5. Devils on horseback
A retro classic party favourite your parents will remember.

Photo: Goodfood.com.au   

6. Peanut-free satay chicken skewers
This recipe is great for people who are allergic to peanuts but can eat cashews. 

Recipe: Pete Evans | Photo: Supplied

7. Colourful fruit skewers
It's often hard to avoid the junk-food trap when planning a child's birthday party. Try placing a few healthy alternatives on the table - especially some disguised as junk - and watch the kids zoom in like a swarm of bees.