Aldi launches its cult product 'Halloumi Fries' in Australian stores

Photos: Aldi
Photos: Aldi 

They're the cheesy snack that prompted Aldi UK to limit customers to just two boxes at a time last year, and now they've hit Australian Aldi stores, we're thinking you may want to suit up for the stampede in the freezer section.

You also may want to stock up on them - they're only available for a limited time according to Aldi, who are the supermarket masters of whipping customers into a frenzy over their limited edition products.

These tasty treats are made from Cypriot halloumi cheese and are described as '..soft and slightly salty with a lightly seasoned crispy coating.'


Photo: Aldi

​Don't despair if you turn up at your local Aldi store and there are none to be found. The roll out of the product - which retails for $4.99 for a 190g pack - has begun and will extend nationwide in the coming days.

We hope Aldi has thought to stock chest freezers at this critical time. Many will be in need.

You may also be interested to know about Aldi's other new products.

The standouts for us, other than the halloumi fries of course, are the 'Colway Tomusto Sauce' ($1.99) - which is a blend of tomato sauce and mustard - and the handy 'Mini Feta Salad Cubes' ($3.99).


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