Chris Hemsworth bakes amazing dinosaur cake for daughter's birthday

Actor Chris Hemsworth baking a cake for his daughter.
Actor Chris Hemsworth baking a cake for his daughter.  Photo: Instagram/@elsapatakyconfidential

What happens when your local bakery tells you they don't have time to bake your daughter's birthday cake? Well, if you're actor Chris Hemsworth, you bake it yourself.

The result: a beautiful dinosaur cake for his daughter India's fourth birthday.

Sharing a photo of her hubby hard at work (pictured above), wife Elsa Pataky said, "Papa working hard on India's birthday cake! Happy birthday India, love you more than anything!"

Showing off the masterpiece on his own Instagram account, Hemsworth wrote: "What happens when the bakery says they don't have time to make your daughter a birthday cake? You get involved and smash one out yourself ! I call it 'La TRex al la chocolate'"

Hemsworth made headlines recently after talking to Ellen about the one thing his daughter is envious of when it comes to her brothers. 

"You know Papa, I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have," India said according to her dad. And after trying to explain that she has breasts, he decided that if she wanted a penis, then that was okay.

"I was like ... 'Ya know what, you can be whatever you want to be.'" Hemsworth told Ellen. "And she goes 'Thanks, Dad!' Runs off to the playground and that was it."