Five recipes we drooled over in 2015

Mug cakes were all the rage in 2015.
Mug cakes were all the rage in 2015. Photo: Jamila Toderas

Oh dear readers, it would appear there are a whole lot of sweet tooths among you. Here are our most shared, most liked, most talked about recipes from 2015 and there's only one lone savoury in this elite group.

1. Microwave mug cakes put to the (taste) test

Microwave mug cakes
Photo: Jamila Toderas
​In what had to be the year of the mug cake, the Fairfax office put a variety of mug cakes to the test, in a work environment.

2. Quick and easy chocolate cake slice

chocolate cake
Photo: Nicole Avery
Yup, you guessed it; more cake. Except it's a slice that's a cake. Doesn't matter just make it, because chocolate.

3. Macaroni Slice

macaroni slice
Photo: Supplied
We totally know things were getting very desperate in the lunch box department when this article went off like a firecracker. We understand, we really do.

4. Popcorn slice

Popcorn slice
Photo: Nicole Avery
There is just so much to love about a three ingredient good thing like Popcorn Slice and you thought so too.
Read  Popcorn slice

5. Raspberry and banana 'ice cream'

Raspberry and banana 'ice cream
Photo: Supplied
If you thought a three ingredient sugar hit was great, then you also thought a two ingredient fruit hit disguised as ice-cream was almost as good. Kids really do gobble this up.