How to create a $50 lunchbox for only $4.50

 Photo: reve.ever/Instagram

There's no getting away from the bento box lunch box craze of the past few years. In preschools, schools and playgrounds everywhere, you'll find an artfully-arranged selection of foods being presented in gorgeous sectioned trays.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to ideas and tips, deals and sales on bento boxes and it's little wonder; kids love their lunches just a little bit more in a bento box.

There's one catch - they can be very expensive. A cult-status Planet Box will set you back over $100 and the latest Yumbox is nearly $50.

A savvy shopper has come up with the ultimate Kmart hack for parents: a $4.50 bento box made from two items in the kitchen range.

The hack was posted on the Rough Diamond Facebook page and it has really started something, with commenters saying they're planning a Kmart dash.

The original photograph comes from Queensland mum Amanda Hale who makes healthy finger foods for her toddler to snack on. She trimmed the lip of the tray a little for a better fit.

While this hack looks awesome for solid foods, there wouldn't be enough of a seal to be able to include yoghurt, dip and other runny foods. One commenter shared another idea for the ice cube tray - a snack pack for each child for her son's birthday party. Genius!

If you can't get to a Kmart store, both items are available online. You'll need the Rectangular 600ml Clip Container ($3) and a Giant Ice Cube Tray ($1.50).

Go forth!

Photo: Kmart