Is this the most accurate children's menu ever?

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Considering how underwhelmed my children are each night at home when I present them with a meal that I'm pretty sure they loved the week before, you'd think giving them the choice of kids' meals would be a good thing.

But no.

Once there are more than one or two choices, overwhelm sets in and nobody knows what they want any more – or even what their own name is. There are often tears, and sometimes they're coming from my children.

But one US restaurant has seen this problem coming and headed it off at the pass, creating a hilarious and helpful children's menu called Kid Friendlies, that predicts the most common of kids' answers when asked what they want to eat.

The menu provides translations for common responses to "what would you like?", such as "I don't know" and "I don't care".

Sound familiar?

When your child answers you with "I don't want that", the menu clearly translates that to a serve of kids' fries. "I'm not hungry" means they'd like a basket of chicken tenders.

A simple "what?" will get your child a cheese quesadilla.

See? Simple!


A photo of the hilarious menu was posted on Reddit and people are lauding the restaurateur's ingenuity and understanding of children.


Photo: Reddit user: IWishItWouldSnow

One father commented, "As a dad this is on the money. Good stuff."

An observant reader noticed the "I'm not hungry" is the most expensive kids' meal. Another explained that kids who aren't hungry are generally the ones that order nothing, and then eat half your meal when it arrives, so the larger meal is justified.

Kids are complicated creatures when it comes to eating out, but it sounds like this restaurant has got them covered.