Japanese mother bakes cookies into unbelievably tiny meals

Sometimes in life we are presented with difficult choices, like choosing between your favourite sushi or opting for dessert. But maybe we don't have to.

Enter Chikoto Kawakami, also known by her Instagram name @chi___koko

No this is not one of those optical illusions sweeping the internet. 

You see, Chikoto is not your average cookie maker. She is a food artist who has combined Japanese cuisine with cookies to come up with the most awesome miniature Japanese meals made out of cookies!

Don't be fooled though, your eyes may be telling you it's a Japanese meal but I am here telling you it's a cookie. 

Chikoto's creations include soba noodles, pork katsudon, sushi, and cirashi don! We are in awe of her creations, I mean how could you not be? Her precision in creating the detail using the most intricate icing sugarwork is beyond incredible.

And if you thought she stopped at Japanese cuisine please get out of here, have you seen her talent? Chikoto doesn't discriminate when it comes to cookies and has even made miniature burgers and fries, as well as some Christmas themed cookies.

But don't feel too bad about your own cooking skills, she has probably been doing this for years, right? Wrong. Chikoto has been doing this for less than a year! I haven't even mastered how to not burn a cookie after 10 years.

Now if the thought of this is making you hungry, click through the gallery to see some of Chikoto's amazing work in action. Enjoy, and thank me later.