Melbourne mum's food art creations inspires son to eat healthy

If you're wondering how to get your kids to eat more vegetables, take some inspiration from Melbourne mum, Lelah Mohmedi whose incredible movie-inspired food art is being shared around the world.There's Olaf, Elsa, Woody, Pinocchio and Tinkerbell to name just a few. And, if your little one's favourite isn't there, don't worry - Mohmedi also takes follower requests.

Mum to Jacob, 3, Mohmedi showcases her edible art on Instagram where she has amassed over 48,000 followers. And it's not hard to see why. Her colourful, healthy and intricate designs are truly impressive. 

So where did the inspiration for her edible artwork come from? The Melbourne mum told Essential Kids that one day, just for fun, she decided to make her son's spelt pancakes into a lion. "This 'lion' could have easily passed as a bear," Mohmedi says, noting that Jacob "absolutely loved it." And from there, Jacob's Food Diaries began.

Of her designs, Mohmedi explains that Jacob usually tells her which character he'd like. She then brings it to life using fresh produce.

Mohmedi says her son has always been open to trying different foods – with one exception: kale. So, she made a pesto using kale, spinach and macadamia to created Mike from Monsters, Inc. "To this day," she says, "it is still one of his favourite meals."

The three-year-old loves his vegetables, something Mohmedi attributes to her food art "We discuss the ingredients while we are making the meals," she says, adding that Jacob can name all the different kinds as a result.

The best bit, though? Mohmedi says the designs actually don't take too long to make. "It's all in the prep work," she says. "Whilst the hot elements are cooking, for example the pasta sauce, I prepare all the features with the cold elements."

The talented mum also does what she calls, "Tribute" pieces. There's Michael Jackson:


Muhammad Ali:


And David Bowie:

If you're a beginner, Mohmedi suggests starting with Mike from Monsters, Inc. - the kale, spinach and macadamia pesto pasta. 

"This meal is so easy to create, full of nutrients and absolutely delicious," she says.

With so many amazing characters, does Jacob have a favourite? Mohmedi says he has many, "but his latest one is Goofy."