OMG you can buy tins of Golden Gaytime crumbs

Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied 

Are you sitting down? Well maybe don't bother, because you'll need to make a dash to the supermarket in about thirty seconds from now.

Streets has announced the release of its crazy classic ice-cream mutation, Golden Gaytime crumbs in a tin. Like whoa, right? 

We all love a good Gaytime, but now we have the option to sprinkle those revered crumbs on any ice cream we so choose. The mind boggles at the unexpected combinations that could arise from such an opportunity and indeed already some foodie minds are all over it.

Rocksalt Tapas & Wine Bar in Menai, Sydney had the heads up a little earlier than most, launching a Golden Gaytime cocktail using the crumbs. 

The crumbs had a lower-key limited release early this year and Streets decided to bring them back because people kept asking for them. Looks like they've come back in with a bang, the Streets Facebook announcement being shared 2,500 times already.

For a more kid-friendly option, KFC also sell a Golden Gaytime Krusher drink with the crumbs on top. That should set the kids up with double their daily energy intake in one delicious cup.

It compliments the Gaytime in a tub and Gaynetto (hybrid Golden Gaytime and Cornetto) that have proven popular in recent years. Doughnut Time also has an 'It's always a gaytime' doughnut.

Is there no end to the Golden Gaytime obsession? Apparently not, so get to Coles, IGA or Woolworths to try the crumbs for yourselves. Be warned, they're strictly limited edition and wont be around forever.