Six dinner recipes kids can master

Get the kids cooking and set them up for the future.
Get the kids cooking and set them up for the future. Photo: Getty Images

Kids can cook - it might get a little messy, but they can also learn to clean up too.

Here are a handful of easy and delicious recipes that kids can master - and if they enjoy it, and you can plan these dishes into your family menu plan, there's a few nights off cooking for mum or dad!

These are also the kind of economical and easy recipes that will have kids set up for life for when they are old enough to be left at home to cook for themselves or when they eventually leave the nest, or head off to university. 

Take care to show them how to do the various steps/methods, ensuring their safety in the kitchen - monitoring their progress and helping where appropriate to their age and ability. 

Chicken and corn fried rice
Fried rice is a quick and affordable way to feed a family, and a great way to use up leftover rice. Day-old rice works best as it has dried and firmed enough to stop it from losing its shape in the wok

Chicken & Corn Fried Rice
Recipe & Photo: Adam Liaw


Beef burgers
A delicious burger the whole family will enjoy. 

Beef burgers
Photo: Good Food


Oven-baked chicken nuggets and potato wedges

Chicken Nuggets & Wedges
Photo: Good Food

Spaghetti carbonara
Carbonara is a classic egg thickened sauce pasta dish.

Spaghettini carbonara
Recipe: Carla Grossetti, Photo: Christian Candelori

Satay pork noodles
Mildly spiced, sweet, sour, salty and crunchy, these delicious Thai inspired noodles will please the whole family.

Satay pork noodles
Recipe & Photo: Kristy Komadina

Pizza is a fantastic version of fast food, and is quite healthy when you make it yourself. Add your favourite variety of toppings. 

Recipe: Frank Camorra, Photo: Marina Oliphant

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