The Golden Gaynetto: A Golden Gaytime made love to a Cornetto and gave us heaven in a cone

Jesse James McElroy ... The man who made it all happen.
Jesse James McElroy ... The man who made it all happen. Photo: Facebook/@Golden Gaytime Ice cream Project

Stop what you're doing and take a seat – you'll need to be sitting down for this glorious hump day update.

Jesse James McElroy – the man who successfully campaigned for ice cream tubs of Golden Gaytimes –has done it again.

After this delicious victory in August 2015, The "Golden Chief" and his Golden Gaytime Ice cream Project (GGICP) Army focused their attention on a new mission: The Golden Gaynetto, a Golden Gaytime/Cornetto hybrid.

In October last year, McElroy penned a shiny letter to the Ice cream Gods/Streets (in crumbs, no less) with his golden idea.  "Let's change the world," he wrote, "by painting it Golden Gaytime every day. Will you come with me and my flock on this journey?"

On Tuesday, The Golden Chief received the news he and his army had been waiting for: The Golden Gaynetto had arrived.

"Streets tipped me off yesterday that something awesome was coming," McElroy told Essential Kids, "and today I managed to track it down."


"It tastes delicious and like sweet victory!" he said. "I am overjoyed that two of Australia's most loved frozen delights - Golden Gaytime and Cornetto – have joined forces to form the ultimate party in your mouth: Golden Gaynetto."

McElroy made a prototype last year, which he says "looked impressive" but was a little tricky to eat. And, he admits, "theirs tastes better."

Golden Gaynettos are now available in Woolworths, Petrol Stations and convenience stores. 

If you manage to get your hands on one we'd love to see it! Post a photo in the comments.