Viennetta on a stick: just take all of our money right now

Viennetta comes on a stick but we can't have it in Australia. That needs to change.
Viennetta comes on a stick but we can't have it in Australia. That needs to change. Photo: Instagram/@alexmayhughes

Photos are surfacing of a much loved dessert in portable ice-cream form and all we have to say is 'Take our money right now.' With creamy layers of vanilla ice-cream and delectable sheets of chocolate, the Streets Viennetta ice-cream dessert now appears to come in a single serve complete with stick, so people can have one on the go. 

Just not in Australia.

We hear your cries of disappointment because we're right there with you, but you can be part of the force that's gaining momentum around Australia right now, to demand that Streets release this dinky form of the Viennetta here.

And the truly grand thing is that unlike Arnott's Shapes and Vita Weat biscuits, the formula seems to be the same. It's just a super-cute teeny version of the ice-cream loaf we all know and love very deeply. Like, to the core of our very being.

Sadly, Streets Australia has told 96FM that there are no current plans to bring it to Australia, but they have taken note of the local excitement over the popular dessert-on-a-stick.


🍦🍦Need this so bad #vienetta 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

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Apparently the dessert-on-a-stick version has been found in Valletta, Malta, as per Bobbi Jo Divitini and Jo Hewett's photos below, with the one in the image above being sourced in Sichuan, China.


Viennetta on a stick-a #yesplease

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#vienetta #breakfast ☀️👌

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We've also found evidence of its presence in Turkey:


Bundan Türkiye'ye geldi de biz mi yemedik? Ah Vienetta... #vienetta #çıbıkvienetta

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We urge you to take to your social media outlets to voice your support for an Australian release. It would be unaustralian not to. #viennettaonastickforaustralia

In the meantime, you'll need to satisfy yourself with the large version at home. Also, you can watch this oddly soothing video of the legendary Viennetta being made (make sure your your sound is off though).